Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Fake UFO Rapture

As I stated in my book, Dreams & Visions of Our Future, I continue to receive numerous confirmations that there will be an attempt to deceive people into being caught up in a fake rapture with extraterrestrials and UFOs.

I know that this may sound completely outrageous, but I can only report what I continue to experience through countless examples. To this day I continue to receive confirmations that I believe are credible and will continue to post them as I come across them.

I have had many visions of things of which I have no prior knowledge. My research into understanding these visions continually lead me into the same circle of people. Red Elk is one of them. I have seen in vision, just about everything he has seen, although I am sure, he has seen quite a bit more.

However, I know with all my heart that many things he has seen about the future are coming to pass and will come to pass. I recently dreamed of an earth flip, or pole shift, global quake. My research led me straight back to Red Elk. However, this time I found out that he is also predicting a fake rapture. I will include an excerpt here:

"Today, we have no single country which is not as good, or better, or as bad, or worse, than any other country. We will be taken into captivity, except it will not be of this land. It will be onto other planets, other lands; other beings will be the bad guys. Other beings from other planets will be the bad guys who come to us and take us off. THE FIRST RAPTURE IS FALSE!

All these towers put up across our country, and I imagine other countries, are not just for microwaves—they’re for mind control, mass mind control! As well, there are some super-duper towers that can instill in us such thoughts as: “Oh, Christ is coming, Christ is coming!”—the joy, and everything else. And people will run out of their houses, stop their cars, get outside, climb their rooftops, do everything that the Bible says—emotionally controlled through these damned towers.

And then the cargo ships will take them up, physically. People will see them rising into the heavens—yelling “Hallelujah!”—into captivity, into slavery, sex toys, and alive-eaten food. I’m not talking all of the masses; I’m talking about those who should be the salt of the Earth, the so-called Christian believers. The vast majority of Christian believers will die up there!

Most of those left behind are those who cannot get outside—in the hospitals, and Christians who are in prisons, or down digging mines, whatever; they can’t get up there in time for this Rapture. They will be the remnant left behind, and in so doing, they will have, maybe, even a harder life than the slaves taken up, because we will be hunted, if we are down here. Bounties will be on our heads. They will take a gutted Christian body, and tie it across the hood of a car, running through town with the horn blaring: “Look what I got! I got my ‘deer’!”—paid for by bounty. I’m not saying that going up is going to be easy, but I am saying that staying down here isn’t going to be any easier."

I notice that Red Elk speaks of human beings being eaten by these beings, that human beings are used for food.

Last week I had a dream that I was told that demons used to eat people or the giants of old used to eat people and that it was manifesting in our day in the alien phenomenon. I've been meaning to do research on it but haven't had time. However, I sense that just a little research will show that historically giants have a history of cannibalism, and perhaps I can also find testimony supporting the eating of human flesh by alien entities.

Again, I know this all sounds way out, but I would not be interested in such things, if it were not for my dreams and I know that God is trying to show us something or prepare us for something. He told us to watch and pray.


Vision of the Rapture
> by Susan-Defenders Of The Faith
> August 25, 2006
> Early in 1990 I began attending a small local
> church which taught about the
> tribulation rapture. Some believed it would be just
> prior to the great
> tribulation period and others believed it would
> occur 3-1/2 years after the great
> tribulation started, but everyone there believed in
> it with all their hearts,
> minds and souls. Their hope seemed to be in not
> having to occupy their flesh
> through some part or all of the great tribulation.
> It appeared to be the very
> foundation that their faith and hope in God was
> based upon, even though they
> did also preach Christ dying on the Cross for us
> all. I quietly listened and
> pondered the wonder of it.
> "For the time will come when men will not put up
> with sound doctrine.
> Instead, to suit their own desires, the will gather
> around them a great number of
> teachers to say what their itching ears want to
> hear. They will turn their
> ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths."
> 2 Timothy 4:3-4
> Due to being surrounded by deception and betrayal
> as a young child growing
> up, my main prayer has always been "Not to be
> deceived. Not by anyone,
> including myself".
> Very soon afterwards I came to the understanding in
> my walk with The LORD
> our God to always test the spirits, in all things,
> so I began my search for the
> Truth. I looked for The LORD to reveal His Truth
> concerning this "rapture"
> doctrine. I studied the Scriptures intensely and saw
> how this doctrine could
> possibly be interpreted in such a way, but yet, it
> just did not digest well
> within my spirit. So I kept searching determined The
> LORD would, as according
> to His Word, give me wisdom liberally with
> understanding. I then began to
> break it down into simple math.
> I know The LORD our God's number one concern is the
> salvation of our souls.
> I know Satan's number one concern is the lust of
> our flesh.
> I could not find where The LORD had ever done such
> a thing in the past as to
> remove even one of His Own Apostles out of harms
> way in connection with the
> flesh, so why would He do this now?
> "And you shall be hated of all men for my names
> sake: but he that endures to
> the end shall be saved." Matthew 10:22
> I have personally experienced what I believe John
> experienced in Rev. 4:1-2
> on many occasions, with my spirit being with The
> LORD and how my flesh, as
> well as John's did not leave earth.
> "Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which
> must be hereafter. And
> immediately I was in the spirit:" Revelations 4:1-2
> So what is the purpose of this rapture doctrine
> being supplanted throughout
> churches? Satan's hand surely is at work and has a
> purpose. A little twisting
> of Scripture here and there as it was in the Garden
> of Eden.
> Shortly thereafter, this is what I heard and what
> was seen during my vision.
> {All television, radio news reports and local
> churches telephoning their
> parishioners, were trumpeting locations throughout
> all major cities instructing
> the followers of Christ where to go to be "raptured
> up to be with The Lord".
> The TV showed the drama on every channel with
> people screaming, "It IS the
> Rapture, Praise God! Let us go to where God IS
> waiting for us so we will not be
> left behind in this unbearable tribulation! Quickly
> now, run"! Not only from
> the media was this chant being heard, but it was in
> the air everywhere, near
> and far. Thousands upon thousands who previously
> had not come out of their
> homes for many days, due to fear of being outside
> from the foreign military
> stationed everywhere, in a frenzy flocked to the
> appointed places where
> circular aircraft were positioned in the sky
> between the tallest buildings. The
> military stood by unusually silent and still as
> they let the masses pass pressing
> onward to their predetermined destinations. It did
> not seem unusual to
> anyone to see such aircraft and people were not in
> the least frightened by them
> being there. Mostly those confessing to be
> Christian and even those who did not
> confess to be a Christian believed it to be the
> army of The LORD our God,
> i.e. The Rapture. I could see myself making my way
> quickly to one of the
> closest locations to warn people, but my screams of
> "NO! - Don't Go! It IS NOT The
> LORD our God" were lost as people disappeared under
> the faint laser type
> light beamed down from the whirling circular crafts
> while the sounds of "Here I
> am Lord. Save me!" permeated above all else. My
> heart was heavy with an
> overwhelming sadness and my eyes streamed down tears
> as I grievously watched the
> great deception and feeling the cool wind blow. As I
> looked up I could somehow
> hear the horrific screams of those that had been
> deceptively "beamed up", but
> no one else appeared to hear them or their muffled
> cries of, "Forgive Me,
> Lord", over the turmoil below.}
> During this vision the following Scripture came
> forth into my mind and is
> now seared forever upon my mind and heart.
> "Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is
> Christ, or there; believe
> it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and
> false prophets and shall shew
> great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were
> possible, they shall
> deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you
> before. Wherefore if they shall
> say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not
> forth: behold, he is in the
> secret chambers; believe it not." Matthew 24:23-26
> Clearly, it is as it has always been: deception,
> destruction and death. It
> is foolish to think that Satan's twisting words are
> not important enough for
> him to have his descendants and armies follow
> through on.
> It is written that Satan comes before The LORD's
> Second Coming and will
> imitate The LORD our God with signs and wonders.
> We, as Christians know we will
> be caught up to meet The LORD our God in the air at
> His Second Coming. Shall
> Satan not also imitate this event at his arrival?
> "Be clear-headed, be vigilant; because your
> adversary the devil, as a
> roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may
> devour:" 1 Peter 5:8
> source: Judy Curmi