Monday, February 23, 2009

Twilight Zone: To Serve Man

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Linkin Park -

This video speaks to me on a deeply spiritual level. Please pay attention, then contemplate your life. Much love!

Monday, February 16, 2009


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2012 Pole Shift - Mayan and I Ching prediction

I have not yet received any specific revelation regarding 2012. But what I have received continuously is the future pole shift. On this video minute number 3:37 talks about global warming being a result of a gradual pole shift.

I am convinced that there are strong indications that we are experiencing a gradual pole shift. We have evidence that the government is currently preparing for this scenario. Please request link for government documents, if interested.

Also, I had a vivid dream of the earth tilting on its axis and the crust sliding which is accurately depicted in this video. I am posting the video for my research so I can keep the data regarding the sliding of the crust and pole shift data.

This information has been given to us so that we may prepare ourselves spiritually. There is nothing to fear as long as we have a strong connection with God and faith. Even faith alone can spare you from fear. Without faith, fear is inevitable for fear is the opposite of faith.

We will witness great miracles as the effects of global warming become more evident and the pole shift imminent. Position yourselves in faith. Much love.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update Bright Object/Star With The Moon... Greek Sky 30-1-2009 Part 3

We have a telescope and watched from this same vantage point last week with the star right under the moon. This is actual footage.

Super Bright Star in the Western Sky

I've been watching a strange looking star since 2006. It appears to be getting brighter. I've videotaped it. Its in motion, and flashing very bright colors. What is it?

Quite obviously it is some sort of sign. But of what? Its appears to be in orbit and shows up every night on the west coast about 8pm and stays on its course for about 45 minutes. Many people are talking about it and have captured it on video. They are posted here.

Also, my idea is that is a UFO, exactly like the "light orbs" I have seen in numerous dreams dating 2004-2007. All UFOs are not spaceships, in fact many spaceships are manmade. These light orbs are living organisms of light energy. Others are actually creatures or critters made of light energy similar in shape to jellyfish and sting rays.

Included is some small research on the appearance of this very bright "star" (??).

Sign of Christ or False Christ?

Bright Star Heralds Emergence Of Maitreya And His Open Mission

I was just wondering what had happened to Maitreya’s prophesied “Christmas miracle”, when I came across this press release from here on behalf of Share International.

Bright star heralds the emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher

LONDON, January 22 /PRNewswire/
- Share International News Release no. 88, 22 January 2009

For over 30 years author, lecturer and artist Benjamin Creme has been preparing the way for the emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher.

On 12 December 2008 Share International distributed a news release announcing that in the very near future a large, bright star will appear in the sky visible throughout the world, night and day. Around a week later Maitreya will give his first interview on major US television.

Since early January 2009 sightings of the star have been reported from Norway, South Africa, the United States, Dubai and Qatar. More and more sightings are now expected. Reports have already appeared in Norwegian newspapers.

A new article by Benjamin Creme’s Master, who is based in the Himalayas, reveals how close we are to witnessing this sign and the historic events which will follow. Maitreya’s first interview will lead to further and more frequent interviews in the USA, Japan and other countries.

Maitreya’s first interview

In the very near future, people everywhere will have the opportunity to witness an extraordinary and significant sign, the like of which has been manifested only once before, at the birth of Jesus. Then, according to Christian teaching, a star appeared in the heavens and led three wise men from the East to the birthplace of Jesus. Soon, once again, a star-like luminary of brilliant power will be seen around the world. What does this mean? How is it possible?

The answer lies in the fact that this mysterious event is a sign, and heralds the beginning of Maitreya’s open mission. Soon after the sign appears in our skies, Maitreya will give His first media interview on American television.

On that open, public occasion, still unannounced as Maitreya, the World Teacher will present His views on the economic and financial chaos which now grips the world. He will explain its origins and final outcome, and present, to some extent, His recipe for amelioration of the present heavy burden on the poor of the world. Thus He will prepare the way for a more detailed and specific announcement of His ideas.

How will viewers respond? They will not know His background or status. Will they listen to and consider His words? It is too soon to know exactly but the following may be said: never before will they have seen or heard Maitreya speak. Nor, while listening, will they have experienced His unique energy, heart to heart. Also, this is a unique time in history with whole nations stunned and apprehensive for the future. Therefore it can be assumed that many who hear His words will be open and eager to hear more. It is not for nothing that Maitreya has waited patiently for this moment to enter the public world; America, for one, would not have responded sooner. Now, for the first time in many years, a new Administration has to cope with financial chaos, unemployment and social unrest on a massive scale. The moment of truth for America and the world has arrived.

Not alone in America but worldwide, people are awakening to the need for and the possibility of change. The politicians and economists call the present situation a ‘downturn’ and a ‘recession’. In truth, we are witnessing the last stumbling steps of the old order. Millions are becoming aware that unbridled competition and greed are not the safest path for men, that such materialistic doctrines create a ’slippery slope’ for the unwary, and, eventually, the international crisis we have today.

Of course, many people of burgeoning wealth stand clear of the present loss of confidence in the ways which have made them rich, and think it only ‘a matter of time’ until we are back on course and thriving again.

Will they heed Maitreya and recognize the sense of His argument? Lost in their arrogance and self-esteem, possibly not. However, many are less sanguine about a return to the status quo. Many have suffered painful losses and have lost faith in the old methods. The peoples of the nations are ripe and ready for change. They call out for change and a more meaningful life. Maitreya will remind men of the essentials without which there is no future for man: Justice and Peace. And the only way to both is through sharing….”