Monday, December 21, 2009



God’s judgment comes to Southern California

A long time ago in a forum far, far away I posted my warnings about a coming Great West Coast Earthquake.

I was called to be a Watchman by the Lord on the 16th on June, 1975. I had already started having dreams of terrible destruction and I was in denial about them. Then one night, right after surgery on my left knee I had this dream to beat all dreams, so detailed that these many years later it is just as fresh in my mind as it was the next day. I just as quickly convinced myself it was nothing, just the medications. So the next night I had another dream, almost the same one as the night before and this time I knew it was important. I wasn’t on any medication. That was at about 1 am on the morning of the 16th of June. At about 3 am I awoke from another dream. In this dream the Lord called me to be a Watchman over the House of Israel. He told me to be true to my charge.

Dreams and visions began and have continued throughout my life from 1975. There has been little time that I had been without them.

A few years ago I started having dreams about a tremendous earthquake that would strike Southern California. It would be preceded by two warning quakes – 5.5 to 6.5 magnitude NE of Los Angeles and a 6.5 to a 7.5 magnitude SE of Los Angeles. The first quake was a 5.8 and the second one was a 6.9. They have both already happened. There were other signs given of what to watch for that will detail close to when the quake will hit. I will give these later.

When this earthquake strikes the San Andreas Fault will rupture from an area of Palm Springs, California to Palm Dale, California, and the Pacific side of the fault will very suddenly move two miles to the west. The quake itself will measure 9.5 to 10.5 on the Richter and it will tear Southern California apart. Millions will die initially and millions more will die in the second event of this disaster. For as great as this quake is it is only the beginning.

It will render the United States defenseless (when the Lord told me that I couldn’t understand it but it is happening now) and 48 to 72 hours later Russia and China will conduct a nuclear attack on America and Israel.

Back to the earthquake; when it strikes it will send a shock wave into the earth that will trigger major to great quakes in stressed faults in other areas to within 1,500 miles of the epicenter. Boulder Dam and the other Colorado River dams will burst. The Colorado will flow into a cataclysm caused by the rupture of the Intermountain Seismic Thrust Belt south of Las Vegas, Nevada. Every city and town north, south, and east will be flattened all the way to the Rocky Mountains. The energy pouring into the Intermountain Seismic Thrust Belt will trigger the eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano. It will also trigger many other volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest and Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain areas.

Early on the Lord pointed out to me that this would be a manmade event as much as a nature made event. When we defaulted on our Treasury Notes we put this in motion. Russia and China want to punish us for bad fiscal responsibility and destroying their resources. Never mind the war and military conflicts; in the end it always comes down to money. To protect their own treasures they are going to take out America and this is the final warning I am waiting for.

Right now California is on the verge of bankruptcy. On Jan 4th Governor Swarzenegger is expected to call out the National Guard to protect the state’s assets. President Obama has already ordered a full deployable National Emergency under the code name Operation Maple Leaf because it will involve Canadian troops and even European Union troops. A massive mobilization of troops, materials, tanks, and armored vehicles is right now heading for staging areas in California. How will the citizens react to this? How would you react to this?

A schism has been growing between military/intelligence fractions of the United States for some time. Those men and officers loyal to the President are being moved to California; those loyal to the Constitution are being sent to Afghanistan. All of the sealed orders have been given to the field commanders and they have been told the dates to open them.

All of this is coming together in an area filled with hateful, prideful, demonically possessed people who have turned their backs on the Lord by the tens of thousands. There is no greater pit of inequity than Hollywood (except maybe New York City) and the demonic trash it spews out. Vast members of the population there openly worship the very things that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Lucifer walks the land in defiance of God.

All of this has been called together by God so that He can judge these people and show the world the kid gloves are off. And as He does, He will allow natural disaster and invasions by other armies to carry out His will.

If the current information on Operation Maple Leaf is correct, by January 4, 2010, everything will be in place and waiting for the population to burst at the seams.

The rest of the natural events are in motion. Antipodal earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are increasing the stresses on the San Andreas. Then will come the man made effects of vast electromagnetic energies being poured into the fault, auroras from nowhere, electric arcs that travel across the ground, disruptions in computers and other electrical systems, BIOS failures, and similar events. The last sign will be when the animals begin to leave the coast.

They will come out of the ground in masses heading for the safety of the mountains. Just before the quake it will become dead calm. Sounds will seem hollow and distant. The land will seem to be in a heat mirage.

And when God is ready He will judge this area, pouring out his wrath upon it abundantly. We will be at war. Everyone; the Russians and Chinese will attack America and Israel with a massive armada. But God will burn them down from the skies.

Does this sound familiar?

We are there now. I cannot tell you when this will happen but I have given you the background and a look into what will happen. This will be a type and a shadow of when God calls the world to judgment at Armageddon.
Bad times are coming brothers and sisters.

Randy in Gunnison