Monday, January 11, 2010

Arctic Blast Caused by Glacier?

For years I have been saying that global warming is due more to underwater volcanic activity, then to human pollution. Rising CO2 levels is comprised in a large degree to volcanic releases, earth farts or methane release. A little research on the matter will reveal that the melting of the ice caps, as well as, the melting of the permafrost in Alaska must be happening from beneath the surface. Ground temperatures in the Los Padres National Forest were also measured at above 580 degrees not more than one foot below the surface. This is also contributing to a large amount of brush fires in California.

Exploring the potential causes of increased storm intensity
Hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones have always bedeviled coasts, but global warming may be making matters worse. Sea level is rising and will continue to rise as oceans warm and glaciers melt. Rising sea level means higher storm surges, even from relatively minor storms, which increases coastal flooding and subsequent storm damage along coasts. In addition, the associated heavy rains can extend hundreds of miles inland, further increasing the risk of flooding.

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