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Dream of Demonic Rape


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Dream of Demonic Rape

A visitor sits atop a snow sculpture at the 12th ...

I dreamed of what seemed to be fallen angels locked inside stone statues.

I was outside of a theater complex where I looked up into the sky and saw a huge stone statue that looked similar to a Hindu God with what seemed like rays around his head or perhaps a crown.

As I looked up at him, I realized that he was alive and he began to slowly bend down toward me, getting closer. I also saw two other statues that were alive. One reminded me of a baby cherub with wings, except instead of a bow and arrow he had a large sword. I also saw another stone angel that looked like a Roman Soldier who also had a sword. They began to move toward me as I began to run back inside the theater.

When I ran into the theater it was extremely crowded. The theater was very grand with large ballroom type areas. The people there also knew these angels were present and right outside the theater. Everybody started running inside and making strategies on what to do. We all knew that most of us were not going to live.

We tried to close the doors but we couldn't shut them. Many people knew what was going on but many did not care. Those of us who did care kept moving deeper into the theater and higher up. As we kept moving the angels came inside but it was not clear how they were killing people.

We bypassed many people who were not trying to survive. Some who were with us earlier and moved deeper into the theater and started smoking and drinking and falling into a drunken stupor.

Those of us who were trying to survive said we have to keep moving and try to hide. At some point I became separated from those who were trying to survive and I began stumbling over people who were sprawled out on the floor in drunken stupors. The whole time I am thinking, Hide Hide!

I went into a room where there were bunk beds with people laying down. I crawled up to the top bunk where that was blocking a sliding closet door. I sensed that someone was hiding inside. I opened the closet and saw someone hiding there and crawled inside also and shut the door.

The angels were right there, right behind me. Then all of a sudden the guy who was hiding in the closet with me was picked up by his feet by an angel, but you could not see the angel. He was invisible. The angel would have had to have been extremely tall because this guy was literally dangling by his feet over my head with his face pointing toward me. The man was literally hanging prostrate above me with his lower torso in the air. Suddenly you could tell that the guy was being anally raped by this invisible angel.

I cannot describe the horror I felt in that moment as I witnessed this event happen right in front of me. I could literally hear the sound of this man being raped. I could see him being raped by something invisible. What was just as eerie was that this guy seemed to be under some kind of spell as if he was enjoying it. I knew in my heart that this guy was about to be killed.

I was filled with terror and shock as I this guy began speaking to me, telling me how wonderful it felt. Its as if he didn't realize that he was about to be killed or he could not even care. The shock, terror, and confusion became so immense that I immediately woke myself up.

I continued to sit in shock and amazement as I awoke from this dream. I could not understand how I could tap into a scenario so dark and so wicked. It reminded me of several other dreams I have had about fallen angels, giants, even living statues.

I still don't quite understand the whole thing, but intuitively I sense there is a hidden world so dark and so gruesome, that our gentle hearts cannot comprehend. In time, all things will be revealed. I was very disappointed by this dream for I had went to sleep last night with the intention I would dream something wonderful. How I came up with something like this is beyond me and beyond words.

Thank you for listening. Your thoughts, opinions and comments are welcome.

A visitor sits atop a snow sculpture at the 12th ...

Dimensionally Speaking, this is similar to what I saw. A giant stone structure came to life and looked down at me. I was about the size of the guy in this photo but running for my life as this structure came to life and bare down upon me.

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