Sunday, April 10, 2011

Melancholia Trailer - Planet X

From the time I was a very little girl I have always wanted to know things and the one prayer that I've always had was this, "open my eyes, give me understanding, enlighten my heart". As I grew older, knowing became inescapable to me. I began to know many things intuitively. Now I know more than my mind can contain or I am able to convey, so I try my best to express.

Sometimes it is extremely hard for me to describe or explain. Again, before I could read, my mother would take me to visit friends and send me off to play. Instead of going to play, I would wander to the bookshelves and pick up the books and look at them. I remember picking up the Baghavad Gita at someone's house. Inside the book there were pretty blue people with halos over their heads. Inside my heart something told me this was truth. I understood it in my heart fully but I was too young to express it at the time. I knew nothing of the Hindu religion, or their history. I knew nothing of the writing which described their ancestor gods, who traveled in advanced technical devices and that their former world had been destroyed by nuclear war.

As I became a little older, I can remember someone somewhere saying, "at the end of our age winter will be summer and summer will be winter". Again, these things seem to be imbedded deep within my consciousness. I really cannot pinpoint to any one person who helped shape me this way for I am the only person I have ever known personally to think this way. Over the past 35 years I have consistently developed this line of thought to the point of visions and dreams. Coincidence? Am I dreaming what is happening, or is what's happening what I'm dreaming? Backwards or forwards, the dreams are real.

This is not a personal interest for me, but a life long calling, that only continues to be confirmed by the relevant present. It is not my desire to spread fear, nor do I live in fear, but rather to remain on my path faithfully and ride my destiny to its ultimate fulfillment. I pray that in some way, our crossing paths may have helped answer a question for you. Blessings.