Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Celestine Prophecy

It took me years to get to the point where I could understand this prophecy. I received the book on two seperate occasions and not only was I not ready for the material, but I found it difficult to read.

However, I was recently talking to my son (18) who encouraged me to watch the movie. I did and I was shocked and amazed at the storyline. It is exactly what we are experiencing right now as we go through this shift.

If you wanted to know what the book was about or just want to see a wonderfully interesting and inspiring movie, please check it out in its entirety here. Wholeness!

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Wish For You

My Wish For You

A Poem by Michelle Collier

I wish you the best and beautiful day

I wish you success in every way

You are the light that shines in my soul

You are the part that has made me whole

I wish you to excel beyond the stars above

Because you are my unconditional love

I wish for the day when we will unite

together we'll shine one luminous light

Our light will explode into ecstasy

a radiant and joyous love energy

A love energy that soars in the sky

encouraging all to believe they can fly

I wish for you to fly with those wings

because I know that you can do all things

My wish is to see your vision come true

because I so believe in you

Now sail through the clouds as we all stand and see

your dreams become a reality

Now is the time

Now is your moment

Now Fly

Friday, June 10, 2011

You Are Another Me

Artwork by Sumati Bates

You Are Another Me

by Michelle Collier

When I look in the mirror, I'm looking at You

This is something we must all know as true.

There is no division between you and I

Once we all understand, we came from on High.

The imperfections in you, exist within me

Pushing us closer to where we should be.

To me, you are perfect the way that you are

for each of us came from a distant Star.

We came here to learn that we are all One

and where we come from, we shine like the Sun.

That light is still shining, in your heart and Mine

all we need do, is let that light Shine.

Shine on the darkness, that hides deep Inside

That keeps us divided and living in Pride.

Shine on our hearts and fill it with Love

and help to remind us we came from above.

As each of us do this, then we will all see

that You are Just Another Me.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Ugly Muggawuggins

"The Ugly Muggawuggins Takeover Planet Paradise"
A Children's Story

By Michelle Collier

Once upon a time, long ago, there was a beautiful planet called Paradise, where all the people lived in harmony with all of life.

The sun was shining, the bees were buzzing, the birds were chirping, and all people humming with glee.

Then suddenly one evening, while everyone on planet Paradise were sleeping, something happened that never, ever, happened before. A big, dark, stormy cloud crept in over the hillside; and with that cloud came thunder, lightening and a big red, fiery ball of flames sailed through the air crashing in a nearby forest.

The Ugly Muggawuggins land on Planet Paradise in a comet.

However, nobody in the nearby town heard a sound. Then, suddenly the lights in one cottage on the near edge of the forest flash on. It is the home of little ? and ?, a brother and sister who were suddenly awakened by the sound of the crash.

"Did you hear that?" "Yes, I did, what was it?" "It sounded like a loud boom coming from the forest." "Let's go see what it is." "Okay, let's go!" Little ? and ? grab their flashlights and head down a path toward the forest underneath the full moon peaking from behind the dark stormy cloud.

The Ugly Muggawuggins begin moving equipment from the crashed wreckage of their comet into an underground cave.

(More on this portion of the story to come)

Fastforward. Little ? and ? meet the Ugly Muggawuggins who share with them the secrets of their magical equipment and explain their purpose for landing on Planet Paradise.

Slowly but surely the communities begin to accept the Ugly Muggawuggins into their society. At first the Ugly Muggawuggins begin teaching the children to do naughty things, but it is so subtle that nobody realizes what is happening.

Eventually the Ugly Muggawuggins begin taking leadership roles within society as teachers, business owners, and government officials until all the people of Planet Paradise serve the Ugly Muggawuggins in subservient positions. With the Ugly Muggawuggins in power they finally elect one of their own as President of Planet Paradise!

It is at this point in the story where it becomes painfully obvious that the planet is being destroyed by the Ugly Muggawuggins. All the flowers are dying, the oceans have become brown and the planet itself is coughing out smoke through large gaping holes that begin appearing out of nowhere.

Little ? and ? go to visit a local astronomer named Professor? and explain to him how they first met the Ugly Muggawuggins and how they arrived in this strange comet. He checks his records back to that day and makes an amazing discovery! The Ugly Muggawuggins may not have been totally honest about their reason for coming to Planet Paradise due to a strange, mysterious coincidence. On the very day that these ugly comet creatures arrived, a brand new star began making its appearance. According to his records, the New Star would begin coming into clear view on the next New Moon.

"What is a New Moon Professor?" "A new moon happens when the moon is between our planet and our sun, so that the bright side of the moon faces away from us and we cannot see it. As a result, the moon appears to vanish entirely. This usually lasts for a couple of days and then the moon begins to appear as a thin C Shape until it becomes a full moon again."

"In fact, with no visible moon in the sky on that night, it will cause the appearance of this New Star, to appear even brighter!" "Wow, that's incredible Professor?; what do you think this means?" "I do not know, we will just have to wait and see."

The New Star begins to slowly come into view and the people of Planet Paradise begin to wake up from what seemed to be a terrible nightmare. They begin talking about the New Star and the Ugly Muggawuggins. They begin to see the New Star as a sign that they need to take back their planet from the Ugly Muggawuggins.

All the while, the Ugly Muggawuggins are drinking and dancing and making themselves merry, while the fish are leaping out of the ocean and collapsing on dry land. The Ugly Muggawuggins have no idea that a rebellion is under way.

The people of Planet Paradise hold a town meeting and decide to use the equipment that the Ugly Muggawuggins gave to them in order to build a time capsule that can fly to the moon. They planned to round up all the Ugly Muggawuggins and lock them into the time capsule and shoot them to the backside of the moon where nobody would ever see them again.

Will the Ugly Muggawuggins get wind of this secret plan? What amazing things will happen on the next New Moon when the New Star makes its full appearance? Stay tuned to hear how the drama unfolds!

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Friday, June 3, 2011

I Am The Chalice

Artwork by Carla Sanders

Written by
Michelle Collier

I am the chalice of love and life

In my womb holds the sweet fluids of vibration that cooperated in the great process that brought you into physical being

I do not own you

I seek not to control you

My only desire is that you come into knowing who you are and what you shall become

May my love strengthen you

May my life support you

May my understanding nurture and protect you

In order that you may also understand that you have a divine nature and a divine purpose to fulfill

I know that in time, all will be revealed and in time you will discover the great power that you possess

I relinquish all mental constructs that have been placed upon us and desire to trap us in this physical realm

I embrace all that is holy, pure and productive to ensure your evolution

I commit myself to you and I promise to ensure that you will soon know who you are, where you have come from and why you are here

I am not your mother

But who I am, is who you will become

One who is wise, all knowing and all powerful

Even as the one who created us is the same

And soon, my sweet love, we will experience this joy of oneness with our creator
and we will know all things even as we are known and are loved

So keep my words close to your heart and know that I am simply a chalice, the chosen vessel to bring you forth and assist you in this great truth and experience of becoming

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vision: Releasing Insecurity


This article is based on my own personal readings utilizing the Tarot during my meditation practice. I have chosen to share the material openly with you, as I realize it is part of my own personal growth process. I hope that you will keep an open mind and heart, as I seek to develop my highest Self and share this transformative experience with you. Perhaps in the process you can also learn and grow with me.

The Tarot

I asked my highest Self to help me explain to you that the Tarot is a tool for self development, a revealer of pure truth and self reflection. When I asked this question, the first thing that entered my mind was: Thoughts are Things. This concept can also be known as Quantum Mechanics.

The creation of an ancient device or tool to help reveal such a highly advanced process as Quantum Mechanics, not only reveals the wisdom of our ancestors but also reveals that they were highly knowledgeable of physics and the power of the mind/intention.

Quantum Physics/Mechanics is the study of how everything that makes up the universe, both seen and unseen (atomic and sub-atomic particles) is derived. Research has proven that these sub-atomic particles harmonize with their vibrational equivalents creating a "quantum field" which in turn creates the phyical things that can be observed in physical form.

In short, this has a lot to do with how the tarot cards actually work.

In essence, we are dealing with Thought and Pure Energy or the process of Thoughts Becoming Things. Meditating with cards not only has helped me to better understand the nature of quantum physics, enabling me to see the immediate production of any given thought or question, but it has also assisted me with tremendous results to look deeper beneath the surface of my thoughts into my heart and discover ways to enoble my character and cultivate my highest Self. So with no further ado, let's get into Releasing Insecurity.

Discerning Our Motives

This card showing up in the overall reading of my spread happened to fall in the reversed position, upside down. The energy present in this card is one of a material or financial nature. Falling in the reveresed position is a key indication to be aware of materialism. The question I am asking myself has to do with whether my MOTIVE is Service to Self (STS) or Service to Others (STO). The appearance of this card sends a strong message to watch out for this materilistic type of energy, which if I am not careful can deter me from my true path. So at this point in the reading I had to take a deep meditative look at myself and discover how this is playing out in my intentions. Upon deep examination I realized it stemmed from insecurity and poverty from my past. Never having enough (circumstance) produced feelings of insecurity (energy) that attracts more feelings of insecurity (energy) to present conditions. There is a natural tendency to be preoccupied with material necessities.

Service to Others (STO)

What I truly gained from this portion of the reading was the importance of discerning my motives and intentions when approaching practical endeavors, for me, especially where work and finance are concerned. Feelings of lack and insecurity (negative energy) can become the focal point of endeavors that should have brought forth abundance but because the proper energy is not present in the work, this lower frequency vibrates with its match (quantum physics) and attracts more poverty and lack. This creates further insecurity and leads to STS.

Producing more STO in my life brings with it a nucleus of positive energy that is filled with charity, joy and abundance. Note to self: create more STO opportunities and always check motives/intentions.

Awareness of Self Doubt

My meditation this morning had to do specifically with a decision I needed to make regarding a business venture I am pursuing. This card is a key indicator in the area of career and goals/intentions. Again, this card shows up in the reversed position revealing some blocks in this area for me. As I am doing the reading it is becoming more and more apparent to me that these blocks (mental thoughts) are creating barriers for me in my career arena.

Keying in on this early in the process is vital to my success and begins to create a feeling of gratitude to my highest Self for revealing this to me and allowing me an opportunity to correct this behavior before journeying off on another pursuit leading to futility and regret! Powerful stuff! Pursuing work without the proper energy for success only produces failure and self doubt, I realize this now in a powerful way. About this time I break for a moment of silent prayer and weeping as I focus on this negative energy within my heart and begin to release it. I immediately feel a release and then continue on with my reading.

Strength is a Challenge

This card can indicate physical, mental or moral strength. It also indicates the ability to control one's actions with minimal effort. This card's message to me shows clearly that not utilizing the proper energy (STO) in my endeavors makes obtaining STRENGTH, a challenge. Duh?

Thought produces things, therefore STS thoughts continually create challenges for me in the area of strength. This card is just further notification that the Strength to produces favorable results and success will not be present in my endeavor without a strong intention to 1) set my motive to STO, 2) beware of self doubt STS, and 3) continuously hold my focus on Strength which is my ability to channel negative energy into positive! Equation: STS-STS=STO!

I will conclude the reading here, as I believe we both have enough insight within this portion to recognize, identify and release self doubt/insecurity through the power of thought and intention. I will add that the final outcome of this reading does end in success!

Thank you for allowing me to share with you. Being transparent is part of my recovery process from insecurity; and I appreciate the opportunity to share with you.

Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations!~ (Tarot Images Courtesy Aecclectic Tarot)