Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Ugly Muggawuggins

"The Ugly Muggawuggins Takeover Planet Paradise"
A Children's Story

By Michelle Collier

Once upon a time, long ago, there was a beautiful planet called Paradise, where all the people lived in harmony with all of life.

The sun was shining, the bees were buzzing, the birds were chirping, and all people humming with glee.

Then suddenly one evening, while everyone on planet Paradise were sleeping, something happened that never, ever, happened before. A big, dark, stormy cloud crept in over the hillside; and with that cloud came thunder, lightening and a big red, fiery ball of flames sailed through the air crashing in a nearby forest.

The Ugly Muggawuggins land on Planet Paradise in a comet.

However, nobody in the nearby town heard a sound. Then, suddenly the lights in one cottage on the near edge of the forest flash on. It is the home of little ? and ?, a brother and sister who were suddenly awakened by the sound of the crash.

"Did you hear that?" "Yes, I did, what was it?" "It sounded like a loud boom coming from the forest." "Let's go see what it is." "Okay, let's go!" Little ? and ? grab their flashlights and head down a path toward the forest underneath the full moon peaking from behind the dark stormy cloud.

The Ugly Muggawuggins begin moving equipment from the crashed wreckage of their comet into an underground cave.

(More on this portion of the story to come)

Fastforward. Little ? and ? meet the Ugly Muggawuggins who share with them the secrets of their magical equipment and explain their purpose for landing on Planet Paradise.

Slowly but surely the communities begin to accept the Ugly Muggawuggins into their society. At first the Ugly Muggawuggins begin teaching the children to do naughty things, but it is so subtle that nobody realizes what is happening.

Eventually the Ugly Muggawuggins begin taking leadership roles within society as teachers, business owners, and government officials until all the people of Planet Paradise serve the Ugly Muggawuggins in subservient positions. With the Ugly Muggawuggins in power they finally elect one of their own as President of Planet Paradise!

It is at this point in the story where it becomes painfully obvious that the planet is being destroyed by the Ugly Muggawuggins. All the flowers are dying, the oceans have become brown and the planet itself is coughing out smoke through large gaping holes that begin appearing out of nowhere.

Little ? and ? go to visit a local astronomer named Professor? and explain to him how they first met the Ugly Muggawuggins and how they arrived in this strange comet. He checks his records back to that day and makes an amazing discovery! The Ugly Muggawuggins may not have been totally honest about their reason for coming to Planet Paradise due to a strange, mysterious coincidence. On the very day that these ugly comet creatures arrived, a brand new star began making its appearance. According to his records, the New Star would begin coming into clear view on the next New Moon.

"What is a New Moon Professor?" "A new moon happens when the moon is between our planet and our sun, so that the bright side of the moon faces away from us and we cannot see it. As a result, the moon appears to vanish entirely. This usually lasts for a couple of days and then the moon begins to appear as a thin C Shape until it becomes a full moon again."

"In fact, with no visible moon in the sky on that night, it will cause the appearance of this New Star, to appear even brighter!" "Wow, that's incredible Professor?; what do you think this means?" "I do not know, we will just have to wait and see."

The New Star begins to slowly come into view and the people of Planet Paradise begin to wake up from what seemed to be a terrible nightmare. They begin talking about the New Star and the Ugly Muggawuggins. They begin to see the New Star as a sign that they need to take back their planet from the Ugly Muggawuggins.

All the while, the Ugly Muggawuggins are drinking and dancing and making themselves merry, while the fish are leaping out of the ocean and collapsing on dry land. The Ugly Muggawuggins have no idea that a rebellion is under way.

The people of Planet Paradise hold a town meeting and decide to use the equipment that the Ugly Muggawuggins gave to them in order to build a time capsule that can fly to the moon. They planned to round up all the Ugly Muggawuggins and lock them into the time capsule and shoot them to the backside of the moon where nobody would ever see them again.

Will the Ugly Muggawuggins get wind of this secret plan? What amazing things will happen on the next New Moon when the New Star makes its full appearance? Stay tuned to hear how the drama unfolds!

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