Friday, June 10, 2011

You Are Another Me

Artwork by Sumati Bates

You Are Another Me

by Michelle Collier

When I look in the mirror, I'm looking at You

This is something we must all know as true.

There is no division between you and I

Once we all understand, we came from on High.

The imperfections in you, exist within me

Pushing us closer to where we should be.

To me, you are perfect the way that you are

for each of us came from a distant Star.

We came here to learn that we are all One

and where we come from, we shine like the Sun.

That light is still shining, in your heart and Mine

all we need do, is let that light Shine.

Shine on the darkness, that hides deep Inside

That keeps us divided and living in Pride.

Shine on our hearts and fill it with Love

and help to remind us we came from above.

As each of us do this, then we will all see

that You are Just Another Me.