Friday, August 16, 2013

Dream of Chaos & Egypt or The Damascus Delivery Cart Killer?

Another bad dream?  

Perhaps just another reason to look at these dreams with a discerning heart in order to consider if other dreams may have some validity. 

Deadly Demonstrations in Cairo

Today it was reported in the news that the government in Cairo has ordered the use of live ammunition against protestors.  This story reminds me of my Dream of Arab Uprising.  Looking back it appears to be a clear snapshot of Jihad.  (Source: Al Jazeera News Agency)

Dream of Arab Uprising
Michelle Collier
April 17, 2005

Pro Islamic Groups

I dreamed that I was on a downtown city street and I saw what appeared to be Arab people and what appeared to be Islamic groups marching down the street and riding bandwagons.

They were blocking off the side streets with protests so that no traffic could come through the main street.

Innocent Protestors are Shot

Jerusalem Delivery Cart - Similar to my Dream
I saw what looked like a middle eastern man who had a covered cart or wagon, the nose of a machine gun appeared to be pointing out of it. Shots started firing on innocent protesters. I was standing there with them.

I remember thinking, is he shooting this way?

African Americans Join the Movement

There seemed to be some sort of sit in organized, and people were sitting on the floor waiting for something. I noticed a number of black people who seemed to be joining this movement.  End of dream.


What is Happening is Biblical and Unprecedented

These historical events such as the Arab Uprisings and spread of Sharia law throughout the middle east by the overthrow of governments in Africa and now Syria are direct fulfillment of biblical prophecy.  The important thing to understand about prophecy is that it will tell you what is likely to transpire next.

Be Informed

What is happening in the middle east and the rest of the world affects all of us and the world is depending on each of us to be informed and do our part.

Treat others the way you would want others to treat you.  If you were suffering in a country devastated by war and you were being imprisoned, your family tortured and killed, you would want somebody to know about it and care enough to save you.

The middle eastern problem is our problem.  By being and staying informed we can monitor the direction we are headed as a nation and if nothing else, offer up our prayers and/or voice our concerns.  Let's treat others the way we would want to be treated.  Be informed, be prayerful, be prepared.

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