Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dream of China & Exxon Oil Grab

Dream of China Fulfilled?

I had this dream two years ago in 2011.  At the time, it was clear to me that China was the new economic leader and was a fulfillment of an earlier dream I had in 2006.  Today I am sharing my dream of 2011 because of all the news coming out about China and Oil.

China & Exxon Oil

In this dream I saw what appeared to me to be a Chinese man who was carrying a giant Exxon Oil sign up into the sky.  Then I saw him take something and cut an opening in the sky which he managed to slip through and disappear.  I literally saw him open up the sky and slip through an invisible curtain and close the sky back up.

Dreams & Symbolism

My initial reaction to the dream was that it was highly symbolic.  The ASIAN man (could represent an Asian nation), the Exxon sign (could be literal but could also represent the Oil industry), and the sky (could represent becoming a world leader or something covert/other dimensional).  My overall impression led me to keep my eye on China and any large covert takeovers of the oil industry.

Sale of Exxon Mobil stakes makes Beijing top consumer of Iraq’s oil


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