Saturday, September 28, 2013

Flesh Eating Cocktail of Horrors - DO NOT USE!


Fire in the Sky News / Amazing Video of Huge Fireball! "It turned night ...

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I woke up this morning with a poem burning in my heart. I wrote it down in a matter of minutes. You will find it below.

Also, I have watched the number of Fireball Sightings increase from 20 sightings nationwide to over 1000 in a matter of two weeks just as I predicted. I suspect they will continue to increase. Based on what I saw in my dream Obama & The Fireballs, it is likely they will continue to double in intensity and frequency. I would not be surprised if by this time next week the American Meteor Society confirms my suspicion.

Obama's On Fire - My Poem

by Michelle Collier, September 2013

Obamas a Liar, He Came from up higher,
he came down below to set us on fire.

When the fireballs begin to fall from the sky,
then is revealed, his terrible lie.

The fireballs were given to us as a sign,
to warn of whats coming on Obama's timeline.

Obama is a god of war,
he traveled here from a distant shore.

Not fully divine, not fully man
but sent to earth for the final plan.

To recompense to those before,
who ruled the world through blood and war.

The English, the British,
The Queen on the throne,
She ruled the world from her far away home.

She conquered the world through blood and through war,
and is finally revealed as Babylon's Hore (profanity)

Yes, Babylon is about to fall,
but where are the preachers proclaiming this call?

The preachers are silent, for they are asleep
completing their job to trap all the sheep.

Sheep for the slaughter when the great feast begins,
backsliding sheep, asleep in their sins.

The great feast of souls who were grazing like cattle
When Obama leads the Caliphate to the final battle(whosoever reads, let him understand)

The Caliphate is coming, the Great leader is here,
His name is Obama, a name you will fear

He's taking no prisoners, at least not in this war
Armageddon is what he came here for.

Its recorded in scripture, so perfectly clear
these things will begin by the end of this year.

How do I know this? What's that, that you say?
I am known as a Watcher, I Watch and I Pray.

Just look for the fireballs, they will be your sign
Your heart will then tell you that things are not fine.

You will learn how to fast, you will learn how to pray,
you will call on the Lord, all night and all day.

Then one glorious morning, when the sky starts to clear,
you will look to the east as a bright light comes near.

The light will get brighter, till finally you see,
the Glory of Christ come upon you and me!

Then ends the chapter of this dreadful story,
when the Spirit comes with power and great Glory!

So keep all these words, close to your soul,
keep your eyes on Obama, and the forestated goal.

Prepare hearts and minds for the most trying times,
and keep looking up for the fireball signs.

You live in the day that most longed to see,
when we move from the mortal to immortality.

Keep looking up!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Did You Know Obama Spoke at the U.N. Today?

Today's meeting with Bill Clinton is what is being highly publicized in mainstream media with little or nothing being said of another appearance of Obama at the United Nations.

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(Please notice the rapture is erroneously placed in the timeline.  This information does not represent my biblical views but is given here for emphasis on similarities between current events and biblical prophecy.)

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Obamacare Bronze Plan: $21,600 a Year, $3250 Deductable


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My Close Encounter of The Second Kind

A close encounter of the Second Kind is: Visual sightings plus the accompanying of physical evidence.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Dream of Montel Williams

Today is September 20, 2013 and as I was sleeping, I could hear Diane Sawyer's voice say that Montel Williams died.  I believe it was a suicide.

I know he has been battling a life threatening disease.  My sense was the disease had taken over.  I have been praying for a sign to share with my family that the gift I have is genuine.  God forbid something should happen to Montel, I pray it will be a sign to my family that it is time to take action.  The day is approaching when it will be too late to take any actions and everything that happens will be a result of decisions we have already previously made.  For those of us who have faith, we do not need a sign.  But the fearful and unbelieving do. Please keep my family and Montel Williams in your prayers.

Much love and many blessings Montel.

Friday, September 13, 2013