Sunday, December 22, 2013

Meditation - The Path to Pure Focus

Meditation for the practitioner is a way of life. Take the disciplines that you learn from meditation and compare them to how you function on a daily basis. If you find that the attributes of meditation are not carrying over into your daily affairs, this could be an indication that enough emphasis is not being placed on meditation in your life in general. This video will give you a brief synopsis on the attributes of meditation to develop discipline and focus and how these carry over into daily life.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

List of Visions - Update

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Dream of Earth Collapse

I dreamed that I was staying in a metal structure, similar to a tin shed that was very large.  There was a container built in it to dump trash.  I remember taking a bag of trash and dumping it into this container.  Suddenly I could hear the trash falling way down somewhere.  Before I knew it the whole tin structure I was standing in began to fall.  I could hear and feel the structure cascading down deep into the earth as the velocity began to lift me into the air.  Unable to retain my consciousness due to the sheer magnitude of the situation, I woke myself up.  I also remember having a dream of living with some people in a survival shelter made from a silo.

Huffington Post:  Current Sinkhole News

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dream of the Titan Demonic Mermaid

I dreamed that I was sitting outside looking at the sky at night.  There were clouds in the sky.

Suddenly the clouds began to swirl around and take the form of some type of water creatures that reminded me of water dragons.  As they swirled around they became very physical creatures with long tails, wide heads, scales and they were the color pink.

As I sat there watching them, a strange thing happened.  These creatures began to feast on one another and devour each other.  This alarmed me as the whole scene was happening right above me in the sky and close enough for me to view exactly what was taking place.

I thought, I better move out of the way before one of them falls down where I am.  As soon as I conceived that thought, one of them fell from the sky and flopped right down in front of my feet!  However, when the thing landed on the ground, it fell on its back and it had shape-shifted into what appeared to be a certain type of mermaid.  She looked human from the head to her waist.  She had blond hair, a very strong build in her upper body.  She was bare breasted and extremely strong looking, like a warrior.  Her bottom torso looked exactly like what you would expect a mermaid to look like.  Strangely however, her bottom torso did not look fish like, it looked more like the tail and texture of what dragons are said to look like!

As soon as she landed on her back, she flipped over on her front very quickly as if she was impervious to the fall.  There was something very supernatural about her.  She looked at me and I ran away.  My sense was that her energy was not benevolent.

 History of Mermaids

"Contrary to common belief and image saturation, the Mermaid was not exactly a cuddly, whimsically enchanting, luxuriously beautiful creature, as this woodcut from the British The MIrrour (1835) magazine attests.  The mermaid is old and world-wide, but in British storytelling, it is mostly an ominous creature, creating havoc, provoking doom and destruction, and perhaps even devouring ships (as they could be enormous in size, 150 feet and up).  The syrienic beauties of John Waterhouse and Frederic Leighton et al, with beauty and intrigue dripping from their brushes, had little to do with most of the legends of these creatures.  This is one of the most fascinating of these images that I've seen--in a pitched battle between The Kraken and this 150' mermaid, I think that the she-demon would win."  Source