Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dream of Florida Catastrophe

Michelle Collier
September 2005

Today I dreamed that I got off a bus and was in Florida. It was dark and I was wearing a backpack and carrying a metal box, similar to those old lunch pails.

I stopped to ask someone for directions, a group of young men. They noticed I was alone and considered taking advantage of me. I discerned their thoughts and moved on.

I was looking for a well lit area where there might be some people. I noticed a short cut with stairs that led downward. As I walked down I passed a bum or a homeless person. I moved quickly past.

I came to a business where there were people inside. I noticed a woman in a kitchen and a man in the front area. He was a blind man. He was talking and very aware of his surroundings. I asked if there was somewhere I might have a cup of coffee and watch the news.

He told me of a place called MATCH and told me to find it in the newspaper which he handed to me. As I flipped through the pages I became blinded to its contents as I suddenly realized where I was, I WAS IN FLORIDA!!!!

I suddenly became extremely horrified as I began to sense a serious impending catastrophe coming. I could feel a deep rumbling that slowly built in magnitude within my soul. It was all pervasive, encompassing and powerfully overwhelming. Oh no, what am I doing here? Why of all places on God's green earth did I come here! This place is about to be totally destroyed. Intuitively I knew it.

My heart beat incredibly hard as I felt an approaching catastrophic devastation building up to such magnitude that no one found in that State would escape at the moment of its arrival.

My only thought was to escape immediately. I felt like I was sitting on top of Mount St. Helen's and it was about to blow.

End of dream.

2011 Update: This video reminds me of what I experienced but about 100 times worse.

Strange Rumbling Sound in Florida

This video is not from Florida, but I suspect it is the same phenomena.

Strange Rumbling Sound in Ohio