Thursday, November 9, 2006

Dream of West Coast Tsunami

I had another Tsunami dream. I was looking at the sea shore and I saw the water recede and then a big wave coming back toward the shore.

I remember having a tsunami dream many years ago. I believe I was in Hawaii in a high-rise hotel. I saw a tsunami come all the way up to the window where I was standing. I had to be at least 10 floors up. I never thought much about it because at the time I was not having catastrophe dreams.

After that, my next tsunami dream was in 2004 not long before the Asian tsunami. Since that time I have had many tsunami dreams of all sorts. I am not preoccupied with catastrophe or particular interested in water events. But the premonition and the dreams have been almost haunting.

I do not live in fear of these things but rather I live in knowing. I have had for many years a very strong premonition that a major tsunami would hit the west coast, now I see them in my dreams constantly. I believe this is because we are closer to these events more than anytime before.

I do not think it is a coincidence that circumstances have caused my immediate family to move from the west coast. Nevertheless, I continue to pray God's grace upon my friends and loved ones who are still there. I don't think they concern themselves with such things. The question is, should they?

The answer to that question is a personal one. As for me, I believe the knowledge that I have and the circumstances of my life have spared me and my children. Even as Lot was directed out of Sodom and Gomorrah before the destruction came.