Monday, December 26, 2005

Dream of Jet Stream Storm Technology

I call this dream the birth of a storm because it was designed by man. I believe I am being shown how storms are created by technological means.

This dream indicates that the storm involved was not a random act of God but rather a perfectly deliberate man made act.

I dreamed I was inside a house. I was standing in the doorway of the back porch, which sat out on the water. It was similar to a lakefront home near an inland bay.

I looked up in the sky and I could literally see the jet stream sailing through the air. It looked like water traveling in a stream in the sky, not far above the water below. It kind of bubbled too.

I ran in the house to tell everyone to look out the window. We were in the living room and we could see the bubbling stream as it passed by our window. I yelled for others to come and see and we ran to the back door and looked up at the jet stream as it sailed through the air.

As we watched it, we could see clouds connected to it; very stormy clouds.

I yelled, a storm is coming and immediately there was a tremendous thunderous rumbling sound and a mighty wind that began to pull us out of the doorway and literally drag us outside.

The rumbling was so powerful and the wind so strong it began to suck us out toward the water. I could feel myself loosing my grip. I began letting go.

As I looked up, I could see the clouds forming into the shape of a newborn baby. And it makes me think, the birth of a storm. This is how storms are born. And I knew all the while as I looked at this jet stream that it was man-made.