Thursday, November 9, 2006

Dream of UFO Religion & The Black Leader

Visual image of what I believe are manmade antigravity flying devices
based on alien technology (drone)

I dreamed that I was driving down the street and I saw a van flying overhead. Someone was in the car with me and I said, hey that looks like a van. Then I saw a sports car fly overhead and some people had pulled over to look at it. The car was morphing into a UFO and lowering to eye level of where the people were standing. I pulled up close and looked at it too. It was a black man inside. Then, in fear, I backed away and kept driving.

Then I was outside my car and kinda floating in the air, then this giant tsunami came rushing toward me, but it almost looked like a tsunami of clouds. Something said, hold your breath and pray. As the waves began to rush over me and push me down, I held my breath and began to pray to God. Then I could hear something say, rela sand trust God. So I continued to hold my breath and relax. Then I could feel a force pushing me up to the top of the waves. As I looked up, I could see the surface. I knew God was saving me. When I came to the top, I began to hurry home.

On my way, I saw a Hispanic girl looking at another UFO. When I got home, she called me. I really got spooked. I said how did you know my phone number. She said, he gave it to me. I knew she was talking about that black guy in the UFO. UFOs started appearing everywhere and I said, they are making their presence known.

The next thing I knew, this girl was now at my door. I looked through the key hole, but all I could see was an eye. I said who is it, but she wouldn’t answer. So I ran in my room and pushed the dresser up against the door. She managed to get in the house and into my room. She wanted to tell me how the aliens were here to help us. She acted like a moonie or someone. I said no, aliens are demons, I’ve been trying to warn everyone. I’ll show you. So I began looking for my material but it was nowhere to be found. Some way I managed to convince her.

Suddenly it seemed like everyone around us was in some kind of cult and we were being controlled and monitored. We were uneasy about talking openly and honestly but we did. I just remember converts to this new religion being around us, watching us and we were working in the yard.