Monday, November 21, 2005

Dream of UFO Street Sweep Patrols

Today I dreamed that we were walking down the street a great distance for it appeared we had no transportation.

Suddenly many UFOs began to hoover over the city streets and come down. These were anti-gravity flying machines, shaped like pentagons or octagons. It was obvious to us these were United States law enforcement vehicles. They began to touch down or hoover slightly above the street one positioned at each corner of the block. My sense was this was a street sweep. We could see them coming down in formation and we began to run with all our might.

We began to run as fast as we could. I could feel a supernatural force pushing me ahead to help me run faster. We were practically flying. We ran to the right as we could see the crafts were not quite moving toward that direction yet.

We headed toward many apartment buildings and we could see the police forces moving in small troops or bands towards each building on foot. Some of the buildings had metal gates or fences around them as if they were barred up or locked off.

Just as we were running toward the stairs of one building I could see a few officers on the other side of fence yelling at us that if we didn't live there we had to get out. We yelled out something back like we live here and kept running.

We ran to an apartment door that had a sort of trap door that swung in like a doggie door but large enough for a human. I ducked down and rushed inside not caring who lived there.

There were many people in every corner of the apartment. It almost had the feel of a flop house for squatters. People were looking out of the windows.

They had converted a chair into a toilet with a hole in the seat and a bucket underneath. You were only allowed to do #1 in it (urination). They were using buckets to do their laundry and I remember seeing an old fashioned electric heating pad for cooking. I looked at the heating pad and remember thinking I want to go home across the lake and eat my own food, some steak.