Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dream Communist Takeover America

Michelle Collier
Communist Takeover Dream
November 19, 2006

I dreamed that I saw some U.S. Government politicians sitting at a table but they were all secretly communists. I heard them say that they had recently met with other communist leaders outside our government. I said to them, tell me does the President happen to know about your meeting with these leaders, and they said no. Then I began to move away from them because I felt they sought to kill me. Then it looked like I was talking to President GW Bush and he said wait, come talk to us. And I said sure, but first let me go do something. I thought if I go tell somebody what is going on it will secure me so they do not kill me. It appeared that the President did in fact know that communists were secretly attempting to overthrow our government.

There were political talking heads all around where we were and more government officials and other people too. For some reason they let me go away and come back in my own time. When I came back, I was cheering U.S.A.! U.S.A! There were other children around who were cheering too. I joined them as they cheered for Mississippi saying M.I. crooked letter, crooked letter, I, crooked letter crooked letter I, hump back, hump back, I.

Then I heard some reporters talking about the Mississippi cheer, saying that it represented the Presidents branch of Government, and that branch included his family members who were on his side.

UPDATE: 4/16/11

Mississippi Based Youth Organization:

International Cooperation of Environmental Youth