Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dream of Martial Law & 2012

I dreamed that I received a call on my cell phone, it was my deceased mother. She said she had called the police and they were coming for me. I kept crying why did you do this? I knew at that moment my cell phone was being monitored and the last few conversations were recorded including this one. Had I said anything compromising? I knew to chose my words carefully.

I ran into a strange guy, but someone I was connected to. He had two tattoos cascading down his forearms. It began on each shoulder, a gray disk that reminded me of the mayan calandar, then it had a jet black tribal tattoo that reminded me of a mayan symbol that cascaded down his arm into the face of a tribal man who reminded me of a mayan indian. (mayan calendar, mayan prophecy and mayan prophet?).

I touched this guy and suddenly the tattoo begin to appear on my right arm. The disk was not ink like but rather the raising of my skin puffed up into the shape of this disk which was gray with etchings in it, the tribal tattoo looked like thick black ink that cascaded into the face of the indian man as well accept my tattoo appeared with a black tie that connected around my wrist that attached to something like a small hand-held black iron torch without the flame. As I studied my arm, the tattoo began to fade from the bottom up where the face of the Indian man was but the tribal marking and disk were very clear to see and I remember showing it to someone saying, this tattoo just suddenly appeared.

I looked out a window and i saw military vehicles being unloaded from a carrier off ramp. I saw all never before seen mini-vehicles. First there were something like off road military cycles, then military mini-tanks that had to be drones because they were too small to man. They had the appearance of something like a tank but they were black, square and flat but raised on top with small rectangles going across, I will try to draw it.

I knew this was not like before, where they were unloading for storage. They were unloading, and beginning to use them openly for patrols. I looked at the sky and it was cloudy and gray like it is now this winter. Something was telling me to look at the sky and remember the time. It appeared to be around 5pm. Something told me to remember my other dreams about martial law and they were all around the same time around dusk on a cloudy day. This would be the time of day it would happen. This would be the time of day when it is finally time to go into hiding.

I saw my friend D, and we had recently moved. I told her we have to move again. She looked disgusted because we had just moved, but reluctantly, she followed me. We were going in the house to get our things. I went into the bathroom and I saw a patrol squad car pull right up to my bathroom window. I thought this is it, they are about to get me but instead they didn't recognize me. A lady officer walked up to the window and tapped on it with her baton signaling for me to close and lock it. It was only slightly cracked open.

So as I watched her and she watched and waited for me, I pulled the window down shut and locked it. She nodded and smiled, then walked back to the squad car. Then I woke up.

UPDATE: 5/3/11