Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dream Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

For the past few weeks I have been praying for a shift in my dream type and asking for more spiritually related dreams.  For awhile my dreams had stopped, then picked up, were somewhat mundane and now they have shifted.

I will explain a little about what I mean.  After having atleast one or two dreams each day, they went down to zero.  However, I also noticed that at that time I shifted from dreaming to lucid day dreaming or conscious vision.  These types of dreams occurred while I was fully awake and have continued over the years bringing me deeper revelation and insight.

I came to a point where I wanted to incorporate my dreams back into the mix in order to observe my subconscious experiences (dreaming) from a somewhat more scientific perspective.  What were my dreams saying to me or about me?  What types of dreams am I having?  Can I control or manipulate my dreams?

This is when my dreams picked back up and became very mundane or uneventful.  To me, this was a good sign!  I sensed subconsciously I was in a very relaxed mode and these dreams were a reflection of my daily concerns.

Yesterday I had an unexpected and divine appointment.  One of those occasions where you meet someone angelic and you know it is God?  So this person was a Spirit filled healer.  Our spirits connected immediately and we were on one accord.  He showed me a dream tool that he created from copper and crystals.  This was also a sign to me.  I held it in my hand and the tool heated up immediately.  I told him it was strong and I sensed it would work.  I left the tool and proceeded to go home.

However, last night I had one of my most amazing dreams.  I categorize this dream as one of my Spirit Filled dreams.  I have only had a few of them and they have been the most powerful dreams I have ever had.  I love to see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit fall upon people and watch them glorify God in Heaven.  The presence of the Spirit cleanses the soul, inspires the heart and glorifies the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  I sense this power of the Spirit will soon be poured out upon many people on the earth.

In this particular dream, I was sitting in a church visiting or observing, it reminded me of the Azusa St. Mission where one of the first outpourings of the Holy Spirit was recorded in the U.S.  The minister of this congregation had been accused of doing something that was not right.  He had a video that in some way he felt would vindicate him.  When he began to play the video, I had been observing him from a distance but suddenly was pulled into the video as if I was there.  In the video, we were sitting in church and the Holy Spirit began moving as the minister bringing his speaking to an end.  I knew this because I could feel this uncontrollable urge to cry and start praising God with all my heart, but I held it.

Then I felt other people, who could not contain it and they began to cry out and praise God.  And so I let out a little bit of praise too.  Then the minister finished speaking and I began clapping my hands and then everybody in the congregation let out a wail and I did too, it was just too powerful to control.  Everybody in the congregation began wailing with tears and clapping their hands and glorifying God.

When I woke up, this was a clear sign to me that the attention I have been paying to my dreams, my desire to shift their content to a more spiritual nature, and perhaps this dream tool had a powerful effect.  I am recording the dream in writing here as usual in order to make this dream more concrete, establish it in reality, and create energy around it to attract more dreams.

If you are studying your own dream life, and want to see it enhance and grow, follow these same steps outlined in this article and you should produce remarkable results.  As for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, I tell you it is universal and without denomination, church or creed.  The only requirement is to walk in love and peace, always seeking the will of Christ in everything you do.  Desire the fullness of God's Spirit, and it will fall upon you.  Thanks for reading and please comment!