Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dream of Manmade Tornadoes

This morning I dreamed that the government was creating tornadoes and hurricane winds on what I believe was the west coast. I remember seeing clouds come out of nowhere in a series of about eight long columns that looked very unnatural then I watched them transform into whirlwinds suddenly. Then I saw a hole open up in the sky that looked electric and then the winds started blowing so hard I had to find shelter. I went through a door into a small closet and then water started seeping in through cracks in the floor. I thought I was near the sea and I woke up. I also remember thinking in my dream, this is HAARP.
I did a google search on HAARP holes and found this:


UPDATE: 4/27/11

I have been paying attention to a series of videos recently that have been accurately predicting tornadoes and severe weather within 24-48 hours prior. It is evident that these storms are associated with scalar technology and can be clearly depicted on radar. Pay attention please.