Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dream of Radioactive Ocean Water

April 2, 2011
Dream of Radioactive Ocean Water
Michelle Collier

I dreamed that some scientist were out in the ocean and they were checking the oceans for radioactive material. They decided to cut one of the buoys in the ocean to look inside. Inside the buoy there was a vapor of smoke or column of vapors. There was also some dirt and debris also found inside. The radiation levels found in the ocean water samples were the highest levels ever detected in history. End of dream.

I have a sense that something serious is going to happen to our ocean water as a result of these radioactive leaks in Japan and elsewhere. I would really appreciate your comments, as this is getting more and more serious as each day passes. Some open and intelligent discussion needs to take place about these issues. I will be looking into radioactive ocean sampling for further information and keep you posted.

In the process, I have found that buoys in the ocean are geared with special equipment for detecting chemicals.

Estuarine Science
Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency

How do we measure chlorophyll a?

Chlorophyll a can be measured in several ways.
Individual samples of chlorophyll a are measured by filtering a known amount of sample water through a glass fiber filter. The filter paper itself is used for the analysis. The filter is ground up in an acetone solution and either a fluorometer or spectrophotometer is used to read the light transmission at a given wavelength, which in turn is used to calculate the concentration of chlorophyll a.

Measurements are made with a fluorometer in the field. The water sample is exposed to light of a single wavelength. Some substances in the water sample, including chlorophyll a, will give off light, fluoresce, in response to the light. The amount of light emitted by the chlorophyll a is measured and used to calculate the chlorophyll a concentration. A field fluorometer needs to be calibrated with filtered samples. This is the method used on the buoys in Narragansett Bay.


Update: ABC News April 4, 2011

Update UK News April 8, 2011
Vast field of debris from Japan Tsunami Floating towards U.S. West Coast

Update April 9, 2011
There Are No Safe Levels of Radiation
Radiation from Japan is now detectable in the atmosphere, rain water and food chain in North America. Fukushima reactors are still out of control and hold 10 times more nuclear fuel than there was at Chernobyl, thousands of times more than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The official refrain is, “No worries here, perfectly harmless.” Our best scientists of the previous century would be rolling over in their graves.
In the 1940s many of the world’s premier nuclear scientists saw mounting evidence that there was no safe level of exposure to nuclear radiation. This led Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atom bomb, to oppose development of the hydrogen bomb.

Update 4/11/11
Incredible High Levels of Radiation in Ocean Water

UPDATE: 4/21/11

UPDATE 4/26/11


Radioactive Ocean Water Highest in History

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