Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dream of Florida Tsunami

Dream of Florida Tsunami
Michelle Collier
June 15, 2005

I dreamed that I was near the shore but behind a set of hills and I could not see the water. But I sensed a tsunami was coming. Suddenly I saw some animals running for their lives over the hill and toward me. Immediately behind them came the waves rushing over the hills as well.

Before I had time to move, an elephant so great and so large came charging directly toward me. I could hear the thunder of his footsteps and the fury of his speed. Something said, do not run. I dropped on my knees and began to pray. The elephant ran passed me.

Immediately I jumped up and began to run for my life. The currents were right behind me, they began to fill up the valley as if IT were a lake. I was climbing up the side of a hill and pulling myself up above the waves.

This dream, was different than others, as the fear factor was minimal, but the survival factor was great. I was simply moving as I felt led by the Spirit.

I came to about a three story building. There were a few people inside. I looked out the window and you could see the waves rising up to the second floor. Again this was an interesting building for it had the feel of a resort.

I began to run up to the next floor. The water was right beneath us and rose no higher. We were all sitting on the floor calmly speaking. The waters began to descend almost immediately. Some people were saying they came from McDonalds when they saw the waves and that they were next door to Miami Vice. I heard the word Miami Vice several times. Perhaps this tsunami hit Florida.

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