Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dream of Paranormal Activity

2010 Psychic Soldier Dream
By Prophecy Watcher
December 10, 2009

I went to sleep about an hour ago. At first I laid down on my side to get comfortable but my back was bothering me so I thought to lay on my back. But then I thought I shouldn't sleep on my back because the last two times I remember sleeping in that position I had shadow man experiences. Then I thought, I don't care, nothing is going to happen.

The next thing I know, I was dozing off and I remember seeing the ceiling but I saw shadows coming around me. I started wondering if the shadow man experience was happening but I was too sleepy to resist and I drifted off deeper into sleep.

Then I dreamed that I was sleep in my bed and something invisible was pushing me down. It seemed like although it was invisible, I could slightly see it. I could feel its thoughts, if that makes sense and it seemed like it was testing me. How scared would I get? How much would I resist. I tried to push it off but I couldnt. I tried to say the name Jesus several times but I couldn't open my mouth. I kept resisting then it stopped.

As I continued dreaming I layed in my bed thinking about what had just happened. Then I heard a sound. It could have been steps but it reminds me a tapping sound and then I knew it was about to happen again. I looked up and I saw something invisible walking toward me real fast. Although it was invisible I could still see a figure. I guess you can compare it to the movie Predator. It got on me and started putting pressure on me. It pushed me down into the bed. I could not resist. I tried as hard as I could and then it stopped.

Again, I lay there in my dream, on my back wondering what just happened. Then I heard the tapping sound again. I knew it was about to happen. I didnt see anything this time but the covers on top of me started getting tighter around me and I felt the pressure of the blankets pressing me down into the bed.

I was so frightened by this that I got out of the bed and went into my friend's room. I told her something scarey had happened to me. She was also awake and it seemed like she was going to tell me something had happened to her too. But before she could get it out, she looked strange to me. Almost as if she was possessed. I asked her to turn on the lights but she wouldn't. I asked her again and she laughed. I left the room thinking if this is happening to me and to her, maybe its happening to my daughter too?! Suddenly I was back in the bed on my back and I realized I hadnt left my room! I was still dreaming!

Then I heard the tapping sound and I knew it was about to happen again. This time I forced myself to get up. I even felt like I was sleep walking until my hand touched the door knob and I left my room. Then I really went into her room and told her what happened. This time she turned on the light and asked me if I was okay.

I name this dream psychic soldier because it reminds me of my dream about THE VOICE. In that experience I heard a voice in my room and it sounded like technicians testing sound equipment, saying, "can you hear me".

In tonight's dream, I had a strong sense that the invisible figures were not ghosts or demons, but people! It also reminds me of something I heard about astral projection. Is this really happening? Are people traveling the astral realm disturbing others while they are sleep? Is this part of Project Blue Beam? Of course I will do the research and come back with answers.