Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dream Americans Lose Faith in Liberty

Dream America the Beautiful
September 23, 2005
Michelle Collier

Even a Bull Horn Won't Wake America Up!

I dreamed that I was standing on a street corner and I had a bullhorn to my mouth.
I was singing America the Beautiful, a song I rarely if ever sing.
I remember singing the phrase that goes: America, America, God shed his grace on thee.  And crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.
There were crowds of people walking past me as if they didn't even notice. I continued to sing.

The White Trench-Coat Mafia

A group of people dressed in white uniforms that appeared to have religious symbols on their ankle length trenchcoats walked past me emotionless and hardly even noticed me as I was singing right at them. They just walked past.  I remember thinking, who are they? Are they some kind of religious group?  End of the dream.


American Dictatorship

There are many dreams that I have had that include President Obama that I have not published yet.  Some of them include concepts that lead me to believe there is a new religion that will be instituted in America and around the globe by the current President.  In some ways I sense it is dictatorial and other ways I sense it is extraterrestrial.  But I will have much more to say about this.  I only mention it because I believe the White Trench-Coat Mafia is associated with a religious (ET), dictatorial/political movement. 

Americans in a State of Apathy

In my dream America the Beautiful, I was struck by the apathy of Americans.  Everyone walked by completely emotionless and unconscious.  When I expected that one person would notice me lifting up America in song, there was no one to join me.  My overall sense was Americans are in complete apathy as to the way that our country is reshaping itself as a dictatorial political regime.  What will be coming next, I have no doubt will be a military staged ET invasion.   I will also have more to say on this as well.

In the meantime, please listen to and share the following video.  I am not affiliated with Mr. Greene, but I do appreciate what he has to say and have vetted most of what he is saying in this video to be true. 

Americans Are Pissed Off!

Be Informed - Resist Apathy

Blacks Are Disappointed in Obama 

American Apathy & Supporting Our Troops


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