Friday, April 15, 2011

Dream of U.S. Dollar Collapse

Dream of $888 Yuan
January 2007
Michelle Collier

I dreamed that I walked inside a Chinese establishment. It appeared to be a Chinese restaurant. It was extremely decorated unlike anything I have ever seen before. It was somewhat dark, or the lights were dim but nevertheless very fancy.

I was greeted by a hostess who sat me at an elegant table. There were lots of people there and it seemed to be a very nice place to be. Then the hostess walks over to my table and puts a large stack of cash in front of me.

I look at the bills and they are unlike any I have ever seen before. They were much larger in size than U.S. dollars and strangely I noticed that each bill in this extremely large pile all had the number 888 on them. They literally appeared to be $888 dollar bills in Chinese currency.
End of Dream.

When I first had this dream, I did not make an immediate connection to China. I was more impressed with the number 888. As I did research on the number I found that it is the numerical equivalent of the name of Jesus. However, on that point, I was never able to draw any conclusion.

I also found that if you multiply it by two it totals the number 1776, which is the year of our independence. I found that somewhat intriguing. However, as I began to do research on China and money, I began to learn that China was becoming one of the fastest growing economies. I found this to be extremely intriguing, however it is not until now the significance of the number 888 is beginning to unveil itself and perhaps the true significance of the purpose for my dream.

WASHINGTON — The cost of President Obama's economic stimulus package rose to $888 billion in the Senate on Wednesday, even as an $819 billion version passed the House without any Republican support.

The rising cost and lack of GOP votes could be a challenge for the new president, who has preached fiscal responsibility and bipartisanship.

IMF bombshell: Age of America Nears End - MarketWatch

UPDATE 5/3/11

CNBC Report on "Dollar Crash"

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