Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dream of Barack Obama & Fireballs

I dreamed that I was in the white house attending a gala event. I heard someone say to me, "You have won an evening with the President"!

I remember seeing Michelle Obama escorting the President down a rounded staircase to greet me. The President embraced me. There were many people in the foyer where I was standing also attending this event.

Suddenly, the President whisked me away on what always impresses me as a flying broomstick that we hear about in old tales about witches. I mean no disrespect. barack obama was seating on the front and I was straddled behind him as if we were on a bike, but we were definitely flying! Fast!

I never saw the vehicle we were on but it was definitely highly advanced. I noticed that the President was driving somewhat radically and I remember being afraid we would crash but we didn't.

He flew me to some sort of ancient castle. It was large with many rooms and many corridors. We sailed down the corridors on this fast moving vehicle until we came to the end of a hall. The President and I stood in front a door which he opened for me, motioning for me to enter.

Everything was dark in this castle. When I looked in the room, I noticed it was extremely grand and large. The windows were enormous as if they stretched from the ceiling to the floor.

When I looked on the floor I was horrified, and this is why I have never posted this dream until now. I had this dream sometime in 2009. On the floor there were men spread out all over having an orgy and homosexual sex.

My initial reaction was shock and fear. Why would the president bring me to an all male orgy?!!! I began to scream and claw at the door trying to break myself from entering. I remember falling on the floor and crawling my way out screaming, I don't want to go in here!

The President never spoke a word. He simply escorted me out of the room and took me outside. When we went outside, I could still tell it was nightfall. It seems like we were on a cliff and the President was posted on a large rock or stone. He was naked.

I don't remember being alarmed or asking any questions because I was entranced by what he was revealing to me. He pointed to a large black tattoo on his thigh or the upper part of his leg. It seemed more like a branding. I wish I could remember what it looked like but I can't. All I remember is he was naked and he had a large black branded tattoo on his thigh.

After this I remember seeing very strange beings rising up in holes through the earth, like moles. Then fireballs began streaming from the sky and striking the earth. I don't know if they were bombs or meteors. I only know that they were balls that struck the earth.

I never wanted to post this dream before now, because I didn't want to call attention to myself or say anything disrespectful about the President. However, since the time I had this dream, I have had many confirmations and learned many things that could lead me to conclude that something powerful was being revealed to me through this dream.

Please let me know your thoughts.

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