Monday, March 27, 2006

Dream of Forced Vaccination

I dreamed I was locked in a medical facility. I don't know why I was there but I was definitely being held against my will. The nurses there were uncaring and cruel. I remember three nurses in particular. One nurse was in training and of course she would be taking my blood.

The first nurse picked up a container of syringe needles and told me I was going to get a shot. I said okay but please don't stick me hard. There was something sadistic about the situation. The needles were in some type of fluid and I remember it dropping on the floor and a discussion about whether this was sanitary. 

When the needle was ready the training nurse tried to find my vein, there was a tube attached to the needle that seemed to spill out my blood. As the blood dripped out of the tube and onto the floor, a third nurse wiped it up with a napkin and also used the napkin to clean the top of the tube. I thought to myself, I hope nothing from the floor gets into my blood stream. It seemed like a really bad situation.

After I had this vision, something deep inside said to not take anymore vaccines.  After this vision...I vowed not to allow anyone to take my blood or receive any injections.