Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dream of Reptile Humanoid

It was very early in the morning, my bedroom was pretty well lit. I felt something touch my arm and press down on me very hard, it brought me out of a deep sleep. Still half asleep I thought it was someone crawling into my bed. Then I felt another hand press down on my chest, by this time I should have seen someone's face, but I saw nothing.

Then I felt something literally climbing on top of me. It felt like a giant human size lizard. I could feel it pulling itself forward over me with its palm and elbows. I suddenly realized I was suffocating. Immediately I knew I was being visited by a demonic or other dimensional being. I shook it off as hard as I could and it vanished.

This was the second time I have been visited while I was asleep on my back. The first time was back in the mid-90s when I saw a black figure standing next to my bed, but that time I was paralyzed but not suffocated.