Monday, March 28, 2011

Dream of Revolution in the Middle East

Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Greatest Financial Crisis in Human History

Activist historian Webster Tarpley discussed efforts to destabilize the Mediterranean/Arab world, as well as how we can pull out of the current depression, and why Wikileaks is a well orchestrated "striptease" by the CIA to reveal selected information. The overthrow of governments in Tunisia and Egypt, as well as other unrest in the Middle East is part of a "post-modern coup,"-- destabilization techniques used by the US and the UK to further their agendas without direct military aggression, he argued.

Great information! Listen to his interview with Webster Tarpley. It confirms many dreams and visions that I have had about what is going on in the Middle East and the Suez Canal. I believe my dream about the Suez Canal revealed the attention that is being focused on the area at this time, which according to what I saw will effect our ability to obtain gas, as well as, some major event in the region causing the Suez Canal to collapse or come down.

I believe the dreams I had about the middle east demonstrations and open aggression against such protesters, is exactly what we have seen happening in Cairo and Libya. I am concerned that these events will lead to the fulfillment of other dreams I have had regarding Nuclear War in the middle east and a war between the United States and Iran.

What is going on in the middle east is not a spontaneous event, it is planned and will ultimately bring in full scale global domination.