Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dream Checkpoints on State Lines

Dream Checkpoints on State to State Borders
Michelle Collier
August 15, 2005

I dreamed that it was illegal to cross state lines and the streets were unsafe.
Martial law had been instituted and the military were monitoring the borders of
each state to ensure no civilian travel.

We were putting on backpacks and preparing to leave home. We were on our
way to sneak across the state border. There were a couple of kids with us.

Home seemed to be a big white house. We intended to take a dolly with us,
on foot, on which to carry stuff. But were fearful that someone would steal it
from us. So we decided to stash it in the backyard until nightfall and take it
with us then. It was early evening.

We were in the backyard putting the dolly away and a little white car drove up.
A little girl got out and walked up to me. She asked me if I had any oil that she
could have. I said yes. She followed me into the house and I opened up the
cupboard. There were two bottles of oil.

I thought to give her one and keep one for myself. But I feared, what if I need
more. So I got a container and poured most of the bottle in there and gave it
to her.

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