Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dream of Consciousness Zappers

The Consciousness Zappers

February 6, 2013

I dreamed that I was on a patio where a lot of people were gathered casually discussing business opportunities.  As I looked out toward the yard, there were people walking by.  I suddenly saw an object float past the patio slightly above my eye level.  It was very close and I saw all of its detail.  It looked metallic, shaped like an eyeball with a camera lens in the front.  It hovers and jets extremely fast.  I began leaning over the balcony to keep watching where the drone was headed.

Consciousness Enhanced Technology

Then I had a thought, its aware of me watching it.  As the thought crossed my mind, the object zoomed from across the courtyard up to my face in an instant.  It was then that I noticed the lady standing next to me on the patio.  She began losing consciousness and falling forward.  I also felt my consciousness leaving me as if about to faint.  I did my best to yell out Noooo!  It was then that I felt something release me, and the object jetted away.

Machine Tries to Zapp Away Our Consciousness!

I held on to the railing to keep from falling and I held on to the lady next to me who was already fully bent forward.  As I helped her stand up, I said, did you see what just happened?  She said, yes. We had both just experienced what it is like to have your consciousness zapped out of you.  End.

The Book of Revelation - Image of the Beast

"And he had power to give life (consciousness) unto the image of the beast (vision/eye of the government), that the image of the beast (the eye/machine) should both speak (AI - Artificial Intelligence) and cause (be the reason) that as many as would not worship the image of the beast (reverence consciousness enhanced technology and AI surveillance of the government), should be killed." Revelation 13:15 (emphasis mine..MC)

For more detail on this scripture, please see my Dream Welcome to the New World Order.

Image of the Beast - Telepathic Thought Detector

The image of the beast is a consciousness enhanced machine that looks like the all seeing eye (sub satellite) or in fact, the CBS eye.  It is the Eye in the Sky.  It is the Watcher.  It is conscious.  It is a living machine.  It can telepathically detect thought, and quickly relay communication to ground forces.

Artwork by Michelle Collier

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