Thursday, June 1, 2006

Dream of Orange UFO

I had another dream about an orange UFO. I remember talking to a newscast reporter. She had something written on a piece of paper. It said ORANGE and I knew it had something to do with a UFO. We were driving in a van and it was nightime.

I asked her if she ever saw a UFO before and she said yes, plenty of them. I sensed she had been following them in her work. As I looked up in the sky I suddenly saw a large spacecraft to the east and it had an orange hughe or orange lights underneath. I said do you see that? She looked and said yes.

I said lets not go in the direction of that UFO it would not be safe. She said yes, I understand. Interfering in what their trying to do would only antagonize them and make it unsafe for us. We headed west.

I also remember hearing someone telling me about the Nefilim. They were telling me about a story where some of the Nephilim were actually people who looked human but were actually nephilim (other dimensional beings) and in a process of transportation.

It was as if the people were black at first but began to transform into a white person, kind of like Michael Jackson went from being black to white. Maybe he had alien DNA? I know that sounds crazy but, just thought I would share that part of the dream. It may be significant. Take care.