Please Read Me First

Michelle Collier, Author & Artist
Welcome To My Blog!

I became a webmaster after I began blogging my dreams in 2004. At that time I began suddenly dreaming, having anywhere from 2-3 dreams or visions per day. My dreams were so unusual and full of detail I began writing them down consistently.

I have always been drawn to ancient prophecies and after the first year of blogging I decided to start The site became a place for me to blog my prophetic dreams and catalog my research. It was also a great place to communicate with others all around the world who were having similar experiences.

My Constant Dreaming Led to My First Book!

In late 2006, I took a number of my dreams and added them to over ten years of research I had been compiling for a book I wanted to write. The abrupt occurrence of these revelatory visions seemed to be just what I needed to give clarity to my research and produce my life's work. The book was then published, Dreams & Visions of Our Future.

Dreaming Increased My Awareness & Love for Humanity!

This sudden influx of dreams were strongly related to geopolitics/social issues, extreme climate, and earth  changes (tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes). There were also many dreams about extraterrestrial beings and  advanced inter-dimensional technologies.  In some of what I consider the most catastrophic visions, I witnessed powerful miracles performed through prayer and the power of my mind. As we move closer to the center of our galaxy and the end of this age, it seem that these visions of what we once called miracles were actually portents of our future abilities in the area of quantum physics. Not only have these dreams increased my global awareness and enlightened my mind, but they have also greatly increased my faith.

Why Share These Dreams With Others?

If I had to pinpoint the purpose of having these dreams and sharing them with others, I would say that they have helped me to become more sensitive and aware of the world around me. Most of all these visions have taught me to take nothing for granted, and have given me a stronger love and appreciation for humanity.

I hope in some way your visit here will add something positive to your life experience. Please drop me a line.

Much love and many blessings.

Michelle aka Knowah