Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dream of Transhumanism

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Dream of Transhumanism
February 10, 2005
Michelle Collier

I dreamed that I saw a race of people on another planet. They looked
human, but I knew that they were not. They were all caucasian and looked
unusually attractive. (End of dream.)

The next day I heard of the show Andromeda, something in my spirit said,
that’s it. I did some research and found that part of the show is based on a
race of genetically engineered humans who live on another planet who are
supposed to be superhuman or superior in every way. The word android
also came to me which means: a mobile robot usually with a human form.

I believe what the Lord is showing me is that these things are actually
going on, and these fantasy shows are based on some semblance of
reality. We shall soon see.

2011 Update: Definition of Transhumanism

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