Monday, December 5, 2005

Welcome to the New World Order Dream


Mural Painted by Michelle Collier 2006

Blessings Family,

This dream is in the process of finding its fulfillment as we speak. The technology that I viewed in this dream is now finding its way into mainstream media. You can learn more about blending consciousness with technology in the latest issue of Time Magazine called 2045.

I post these dreams to encourage believers and awaken those who are sleeping, as well as, give credence to the words of our Lord, "Behold, I have told you Before."

I dreamed that I was walking in some kind of military base. There were many tall buildings. Something told me if I look up I will see UFOs. I looked up and I saw a chemtrail and I knew if I followed it I would see a UFO. As I passed some buildings I could see UFOs positioned on top of the roofs. Then I saw some type of technical devices sitting in the sky. Just hovering or positioned there weightlessly. I don't know what kind of machines they were. They didn't look like anything I have ever seen. (It just came to me that these machines were satellites. They sat in the sky the same way they do in space. Sub-Satellites)

Except for one machine that looked like a giant mechanical EYE! It seemed to have a lens that could focus. And every time I would look at it, it would turn toward me and zoom in. This happened a couple of times until I was positive it was watching me and could READ MY THOUGHTS.

I would look away, walk a few steps, and look up at it to see if it was looking at me. And immediately it would turn in my direction, zoom in on me with the lens and focus. I knew I was in trouble.

There were a group of civilian people walking near me but the mechanical eye was focused on me. The people walking by seemed to be unconscious or unaware of anything, they were almost robotic but definitely human. It was as if their minds were blank or absent of consciousness or awareness. They were walking in formation following military BEINGS dressed in black.

I also saw troops or brigades of black clad military beings. I say beings because there was something non-human about them. They wore black helmets that covered their entire head so you could not see their faces. And the helmets were elongated like a watermelon. Kinda like the creature in the movie Alien but they weren't that big (they were human size with well built human looking physiques and long elongated heads). They were marching in troops in different areas of this base as they carried gunlike weapons.

I went down some stairs, an unusually wide concrete stair casing that appeared to lead to some kind of medical facility. As soon as I went into the door a military type of paramedic grabbed me as if they were expecting me.

I knew someway the EYE had communicated with forces on the ground and they were being controlled by the EYE. The paramedic dragged me to another military paramedic standing by who lightly, all I can describe it as a karate type of chop to my throat. I instantly loss my breath and began to slide backward but I didn't faint.

Then they tossed me into the back of a paramedic military style truck or patty wagon. It seemed like an ambulance but it looked like the truck style that the fire department uses. There was a window facing the cab where the driver would be and I fell toward the window. I could not see through the window inside the cab, but I could clearly see my reflection in the window. I could see myself crying and my eyes were squinched up. Then I heard a very loud voice say, WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

End of dream.

Eye In The Sky - Alan Parsons Project

2011 UPDATE: Remote Detection & Mind Reading Technology is Here