Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dream of Chinese Takeover of America

China Takeover Dream
Michelle Collier
July 29, 2005

I dreamed that I was walking down what appeared to be an American City Street,
reminiscent of San Francisco.

I looked up and saw shimmering silvery high-rise office buildings like the ones
you see in Asia. I looked around and I saw Chinese people walking everywhere.

When I woke up I sensed my dream meant that China would takeover America. I had a similar dream involving a war between the U.S. and an Asian country. I saw the flag of Japan in that dream. My sense is that both China and Japan will be involved in a takeover of America.

UPDATE: 4/16/11 Japan Under Pressure to Shift Ties with U.S. to China

Japan Rethinks U.S. Ties

2011 Update: Socialist & Communist Influences in Government

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