Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dream of UFO Crash Near Bridge

This dream seemed very symbolic. I remember being outside and looking up into the sky. I saw a UFO flying overhead. I knew it was a top secret military craft. I remember thinking, I knew it. That's our military.

Then something flew toward my direction. I can not tell what it was but it was a very very large UFO. It crashed not far from where I was. Again I remember thinking, this is exactly what I thought. Our military was up to more than we thought it was.

This crash was so huge, it began to draw a crowd. I remember sensing danger and a need to flee the area. Everyone else was running toward the crash. I remember climbing up a very slender walkway and many people were headed toward me. Something told me to hurry up and scale this path for the horde of hurried people would surely knock me off what appeared to be a very thin rail.

This rail seemed connected to a double-decker type of bridge. Whatever crashed, effected this bridge and caused this bridge to collapse as well.

2011 UPDATE: The UFO Military surveillance vehicles I saw in my dream moved and looked similar to the one in this video.