Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dream of China Invasion of U.S.

Dream of China Invasion
Michelle Collier
August 9, 2005
About this time I began having premonitions of an attack on the United States by China.
I also started noticing the planet Mars in the sky. It looked like a bright red star. I thought about the wise men who followed the eastern star to where Christ was born. I wondered if perhaps this bright red star was a sign for us. The Hopi Indians believe that a bright red star symbolizes the destroyer or purifier which some believe to be an incoming comet. The Red Kachina , as it is called, symbolizes destruction.
It has always been my manner to pray when seeking knowledge or understanding concerning anything, so I began to pray. I said, Lord if you are telling me that China is going to invade America, show me in a dream and I will know it is from you and I will not doubt. Also, show me the meaning of this bright red star.
That morning I had a dream. I saw a blast similar to an explosion that filled the entire sky. Then the face of an Asian man rose above the blast out of the smoke. It looked like it was an emperor of China (the kind of portraits or head-shots you see in paintings posted in Beijing). Behind his head appeared the flag of Japan. It was a white flag with a big red circle on it.
Then appeared an American city as if it had been terribly bombed. It reminded me of San Francisco. The sky was brownish orange and there was much destruction and smoke everywhere.
When I opened my eyes I knew the Lord has honored my prayer. It was August 6th, the anniversary of Hiroshima. I am not sure if this dream represents a China/Japan alliance, or if Japan takes over San Francisco after it is bombed by China.
I had another dream that I was in downtown San Francisco near Market St. and Embarcadero and it looked like Tokyo. There were Asian people everywhere and the buildings were shiny, tall and brassy like they are in Japan.

UPDATE: 4/16/11 Japan Rethinks U.S. Ties

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