Wednesday, November 30, 2005


NOVEMBER 30, 2005

Hello All. For the record, I wanted to delineate a list of predictions that I sense ituitively will happen in the very near future. I have compiled them from my studies and personal revelations, and dreams. They are listed here:

1. Economic Collapse and Depression
2. Massive U.S. Strikes (beginning to fulfill) 12/05 New York Transit Strike
3. National Rise in Unemployment (beginning to fulfill)
4. More jobs overseas (beginning to fulfill)
5. Small Business Failures
6. Housing Decline
7. Food and Gas Rationing (beginning to fulfill)
8. Appearance of New Fault Lines
9. Increased Volcanic Activity (beginning to fulfill)
10. Tilting of Earth's Axis (fulfilled)
11. Flooding of Great Lakes
12. Missippi River will join Great Lakes
13. Coastal Regions Inundated (beginning to fulfill)
14. Massive Sink Holes (beginning to fulfill) Sinkhole Crashes Carnival Ride in Pasadena
15. Excessively High Winds (beginning to fulfill) 1/26/06 200 MPH Winds at Grandfather Mountain
16. Increased Tornadoes (beginning to fulfill)
17. Increased Hurricanes (beginning to fulfill)
18. Summer Thunderstorms with Hail (beginning to fulfill)
19. Ferocious Blizzards (beginning to fulfill)
20. Green Hue in the Sky
21. Blue Hue or Star in the Sky
22. Increased Transport Accidents (beginning to fulfill)
23. Increased Amusement Ride Accidents Carnival Accident in Miami
24. Returning of Diseases - Bubonic Plague? (beginning to fulfill)
25. Utah Research Laboratory (Bio-Lab) Leak (possibly fulfilled) 1/26/06 Nuclear Plant Leak
26. Reinstatement of the Draft
27. No Separation of Church and State
28. Rise in Religious Persecution by Religious Right (beginning to fulfill)
29. Increase in UFO Sightings (beginning to fulfill)
30. Open Alien Contact
31. Christians Begin to Question Creation Doctrine (beginning to fulfill)
32. Nuclear Power Plant Leaks
33. Limited Nuclear Exchange/War
34. Riots - Anti-War Movements (beginning to fulfill)
35. Supreme Court Passes Immoral Laws (beginning to fulfill)
36. Discovery of Magnetic Polarity Reversal or Pole Flip
37. Incoming Comet or Meteor Strike
38. Invasion of U.S. by China/Russia/Japan among other Nations
39. West and East Coast U.S. Tsunamis
40. Assassination Attempt on President Bush
41. Mandatory Microchip Implanting
42. Martial Law in U.S. Nationwide
43. Secret Information on Mars Revealed (There's air and water up there)
44. Arab Uprisings in the U.S. & Race Wars
45. Food Rationing and Cannibalism in Western Countries
46. Sun and Moon move out of Orbit
47. Open Military and Law Enforcement Use of UFOs
48. Total Implementation of Worldwide Fascism/Complete Loss of Civil Rights
49. Open Persecution and Death of Fundamental Christians in the West
50. Devastating California Quake

I created the above list in 2005 and since then many of these predictions have been fulfilled. However since that time, I have had a number of lucid visions and revelations that I would like to add to this list. The above list has in no way been altered and has been available online and published in print since the time it was written.

51. The discovery that our earth has a twin sun or second sun.

52. The discovery that our atmosphere is bombarded with cosmic radiation as we move toward the center of our galaxy and the milky way.

53. The discovery that this cosmic radiation has the potential to expand our conscious awareness and human potential allowing us to access a greater percentage of our brain.

54. The revelation that there is a massive red fiery NEO (near earth object) on a near collision course with earth.

55. The revelation that these NEOs, including our twin sun are the true cause of global warming on the earth as well as all other solar bodies in our solar system.

56. The earth will continue to experience EXTREME CLIMATE CHANGE due to these NEOs.

57. Entire populations of the earth will become displaced, including large portions of Europe and South East Asia.

58. Extraterrestrial races will manifest on earth and take advantage of these global cataclysms, enforcing global governance, the New World Order and the end of human sovereignty.

59. Extraterrestrial races will help world governments to enforce martial law and human depopulation programs including a fake rapture to save humanity from climate change.

60. A global earthquake will take place registering at least 11 points on the Richter scale.

61. Many human beings will be evacuated or lifted off the earth in large UFO crafts and held hostage and tortured by extraterrestrial demonic beings working in allegiance with world governments in exchange for advanced technologies in hopes to escape from earth.

62. Extreme havoc occurs in our solar system from NEOs causing the earth to tilt on its axis and the poles to flip.

63. Christ returns as a MEGA GAMMA RAY BLAST that completely obliterates everything material in 3D reality, causing the rapture to take place and exalting those prepared souls who vibrate on an agape love/faith frequency to be elevated to the higher realms and continue their conscious existence. Everything below the love frequency is obliterated.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Dream of UFO Street Sweep Patrols

Today I dreamed that we were walking down the street a great distance for it appeared we had no transportation.

Suddenly many UFOs began to hoover over the city streets and come down. These were anti-gravity flying machines, shaped like pentagons or octagons. It was obvious to us these were United States law enforcement vehicles. They began to touch down or hoover slightly above the street one positioned at each corner of the block. My sense was this was a street sweep. We could see them coming down in formation and we began to run with all our might.

We began to run as fast as we could. I could feel a supernatural force pushing me ahead to help me run faster. We were practically flying. We ran to the right as we could see the crafts were not quite moving toward that direction yet.

We headed toward many apartment buildings and we could see the police forces moving in small troops or bands towards each building on foot. Some of the buildings had metal gates or fences around them as if they were barred up or locked off.

Just as we were running toward the stairs of one building I could see a few officers on the other side of fence yelling at us that if we didn't live there we had to get out. We yelled out something back like we live here and kept running.

We ran to an apartment door that had a sort of trap door that swung in like a doggie door but large enough for a human. I ducked down and rushed inside not caring who lived there.

There were many people in every corner of the apartment. It almost had the feel of a flop house for squatters. People were looking out of the windows.

They had converted a chair into a toilet with a hole in the seat and a bucket underneath. You were only allowed to do #1 in it (urination). They were using buckets to do their laundry and I remember seeing an old fashioned electric heating pad for cooking. I looked at the heating pad and remember thinking I want to go home across the lake and eat my own food, some steak.