Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dream of White Tents & Martial Law

The visions I have been receiving are beginning to come to pass with amazing accuracy. I have atleast five that have been fulfilled.

This morning I dreamed I was at a place in America with other people. We were on some piece of land. We seemed to work there. There were quite a number of people walking around.

Then the military started pulling up on the grounds with all these trucks and supplies. They were preparing to set up some sort of camp for us. I remember seeing many white vehicles. I think they were going to set up a series of white tents, like a small tent city.
All the civilian people were wandering around in amazement and looking at the trucks and supplies, saying what is going on?

I said this is the New World Order. They are about to institute Martial Law. There will be curfews soon and you will not be able to walk around on the street. I remember mentioning to someone that soon, you would begin to see UFOs in the sky.
I also mentioned to someone that some of the supplies were preparations for nuclear war survival. I was sure there was about to be some kind of war in America or terrorist attack for which the military was preparing.