Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dream U.S. War with Iran

I dreamed that I was talking to someone who was an authority on the situation with Iran and had apparent inside knowledge. He told me that America would be attacked by Iran. He said it would be the worst catastrophe in Human History. He also told me that the refugees from America would move North in droves up towards Canada. He said they would leave the country.

I began to weep and say this has been prophesied as well that there would be many people fleeing North in America during the Great Tribulation. I began to think on the scripture that says, Flee from the midst of Babylon. I began to think, perhaps we should flee now.

Update March 2011: WWIII and The Coming of Imam Mahdi

Update 4/4/11
World War III Playbook by Project Camelot

UPDATE: 4/29/11
Groundwork Being Planned for U.S. War with Iran

Friday, May 26, 2006

Dream of U.S. Riots & Jesse Jackson

I dreamed that I saw the police in black riot gear on both sides of us. It seemed that I and some Christians were in the middle. There were crowds of people, like protesters behind the riot police screaming at us.

I heard one man yell to us, you better get out of here. I felt like he was warning us that the police were gonna beat us. It was a very unique and weird scenario. This riot was really big.

Then I saw Jesse Jackson and he was upset or complaining about something.

I saw a news telecast in progress and I saw the news announcer get word of the riots. I think he was making adjustments to try to get the live feed on the riot situation. End of dream.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dream of Unconstitutional Police Factions Martial Law

This morning I dreamed the police officers knew about the New World Order and how law enforcement would be used to act unconstitutionally against American citizens. Some of them wanted to fight against the New World Order, global governance under the EU. (My new world order dream was fulfilled in 2009. We are officially in the new world order now)

One of the officers told me about it and how there were factions within law enforcement who were resisting the new world order movement (a faction is: a group or clique within a larger group, party, government, organization). I began to cry and I told him how sorry I was and that I knew all about it. I reached out to touch his hand in understanding and he pulled away and looked around as not to draw attention to himself.

Then he told me that the police force were under secret orders and commanded not to leave the area. They were all on standby. I believe they were waiting to institute martial law. He wanted me to assist him in creating a diversion so he could get out of the area. He did not want to take part in what was about to happen to American citizens and violate their constitutional rights. I said okay but at the same time I was afraid that he might be trying to trick me. I wondered if this was something I should get involved in.

Suddenly he threw on a civilian disguise and pulled out a big gun and then he started shooting in the air. He then began running and I could see helicopters and ground forces chasing him. I quickly decided I did not want to get involved and began running back to where I started from.

Update 2011: Martial Law has started. Factions are being created. Rights violated.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Dream of Missiles Over America

I dreamed today that I heard businessmen having discussions to make sure that their businesses were insured to suffer losses from the impending war. Then I saw Missiles flying through the sky in America. I saw an American Business that had been bombed. I saw survivors.