Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dream U.S. War with Iran

I dreamed that I was talking to someone who was an authority on the situation with Iran and had apparent inside knowledge. He told me that America would be attacked by Iran. He said it would be the worst catastrophe in Human History. He also told me that the refugees from America would move North in droves up towards Canada. He said they would leave the country.

I began to weep and say this has been prophesied as well that there would be many people fleeing North in America during the Great Tribulation. I began to think on the scripture that says, Flee from the midst of Babylon. I began to think, perhaps we should flee now.

Update March 2011: WWIII and The Coming of Imam Mahdi

Update 4/4/11
World War III Playbook by Project Camelot

UPDATE: 4/29/11
Groundwork Being Planned for U.S. War with Iran