Friday, June 30, 2006

Dream of Revived Roman Empire

I dreamed that I was looking at a city block. What I saw looked very old. The buildings were close to condemned. Suddenly there was a major blast and explosion as if the entire city was nuked or bombed at once. Out of the smoke and rubble arose very tall new buildings, a brand new city.

As we walked down the street, it was very clean. The first thing I saw was a new prison. It was as tall as the sky. It had a watchtower, I knew this was the new prison of Antichrist. It was enormous, I have never seen anything close to it, it was so tall.

Next to the prison was an enormous temple, resurrected right next to the prison. It had stairs that climbed high up, large enormous stairs, like the once in ancient Rome. We were afraid as we climbed the stairs because we knew we did not belong here and felt a sense we would be captured.

The closer we were to the temple we could hear the people worshiping inside. It did not sound like familiar worship, and something about it sounded dreadfully wrong. It reminded me of Gregorian chanting and pipe organs. I did not want to go in there. We slipped around the back where there was built a brand new social area. It seemed like there may have been ponds and steps for sitting outside. There were also buildings, differently shaped, maybe round buildings.

(Roman Pantheon - Temple to the gods)

We walked inside one, there were steps, maybe an escalator, I'm not sure, going up. There were people walking everywhere but they looked very different. The way they were dressed. It was similar to the ancient Romans, their clothes were draped over them and they were dressed all in pale tones like beige and cream. No purples, blues or reds, etc. I think there was something on their heads like wreaths.

We knew we were in the wrong place because we still had on our old clothes from before the war. Whatever this new civilization was it arose immediately after the war. I knew it was the world of Antichrist and a world without Jesus.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dream America Gets Bombed

I dreamed that it was dark outside and I was in a wooded area. I saw multiple bombs dropping. I looked behind me and I saw numerous explosions. I thought to myself, this is it. It is happening now.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Dream of Reptilian Man

I dreamed that I saw two men lying on an operating table.

One man seemed to become conscious after having been sedated. As he sat up he saw that his skin had been severely slashed in almost every area. The gaps between the slashes were open and you could see underneath his human flesh, he was completely reptilian.

His reptile like body was green and beast-like. As he stood up, it was as if he understood his body had to go through this process. As he stood there the flesh began to close up and hide the reptilian body underneath. I saw him stretch the human flesh over his face to cover his true appearance.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Dream of Orange UFO

I had another dream about an orange UFO. I remember talking to a newscast reporter. She had something written on a piece of paper. It said ORANGE and I knew it had something to do with a UFO. We were driving in a van and it was nightime.

I asked her if she ever saw a UFO before and she said yes, plenty of them. I sensed she had been following them in her work. As I looked up in the sky I suddenly saw a large spacecraft to the east and it had an orange hughe or orange lights underneath. I said do you see that? She looked and said yes.

I said lets not go in the direction of that UFO it would not be safe. She said yes, I understand. Interfering in what their trying to do would only antagonize them and make it unsafe for us. We headed west.

I also remember hearing someone telling me about the Nefilim. They were telling me about a story where some of the Nephilim were actually people who looked human but were actually nephilim (other dimensional beings) and in a process of transportation.

It was as if the people were black at first but began to transform into a white person, kind of like Michael Jackson went from being black to white. Maybe he had alien DNA? I know that sounds crazy but, just thought I would share that part of the dream. It may be significant. Take care.