Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Death Star is Coming

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This research came about due to a friend in our egroup who recently dreamed about a Death Star. It is her belief that she may know about the time of its coming but as of now we are uncertain. However, in the mean time this is what we've found:

All death star searches keep leading back to magnetic pole shift
All confirmations say asteroid is associated
The Approach of Wormwood brings about Solar Storms and Pole Flip
Opening the fourth dimension
This is the War in the Heavens
Which brings about the appearance of other dimensional beings
Time Travel involved and time space manipulation
A Return of the Beast, the beast that is, was, and is to come
The comet comes from the south through cancer, possibly the tropic of cancer?

When the poles flip, there will be a slowing of the earth's rotation which affect our time and clocks will be affected. Time will slow down. Eveyrone's clocks will be ahead.

People will wake up in the morning to see that it is dark outside. This relates to an ancient prophecies that says, "when the day becomes night". The prophecy also relates to the entering into our dimension of other dimensional beings. Still researching on this.

The rotation of the earth will completely stop, producing an extremely long day where the the sun will seem not to set.

It appears that the death star is a brown dwarf star, our second sun, whose orbit at some time in the near future is predicted to come into our line of view. It is called Nemesis because it will bring great destruction to our planet, knocking solar particles, meteorites and dust into our atmosphere and possible our planet. Therefore it gets its name, the death star.

This seems to coincide with the idea of planet X. It appears however that this 10th planet, may be the death star, our second sun, moving into our orbit. As it moves into our orbit it will knock iron dust particles towards the earth, creating a red dust that will polute our atmosphere and settle in our soil and water, bringing about a red hue.

Death Star - Nemesis

A hypothetical companion star to the sun that may cause disturbances in the Earth's atmosphere. It is named after the Greek goddess of retribution and vengeance. In theory, its orbit around the sun takes 26 to 30 million years and its gravitational pull alters the orbits of comets, sending some of them crashing into Earth. (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Nemesis - Theory

The Nemesis Theory which was originally published in "Nature" by Davis, Hut and Muller, was appropriately named after the Greek Goddess of retribution. "She whom none can escape." (Yarris 1987) It offers an explanation for the seemingly periodicity of mass extinctions that have occurred throughout the history of the earth. It has been shown with the fossil record that mass extinctions have occurred on average, a cycle of every 26 to 34 million years. According to this theory, the sun has a companion star called the Nemesis, which agitates the Oort cloud as it orbits around the sun. (Goldsmith 1985) The Oort cloud is a comet belt that orbits the sun; extending tens of thousands A.U ( the distance from the earth to the sun). (Yarris 1987) The gravitational field of the Nemesis causes some comets to stray from heir normally stable orbit. (Goldsmith) These comets would hit the earth; causing varying levels of global extinction with such devastating effects such as acid rain, deep freeze, and ozone loss. (Grossman 2001) (Morris 2001) These comet showers would last anywhere from 100,000 years to 2 million years with approximately 10 impacts occurring in intervals of 50,000 years between each impact. (Yarris 1987): http://swanson.bol.ucla.edu/

Stronger Solar Storms Predicted

The next 11-year solar storm cycle should be significantly stronger than the current one, which may mean big problems for power grids and GPS systems and other satellite-enabled technology, scientists announced today. The stronger solar storms could start as early as this year or as late as 2008 and should peak around 2012. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2006/03/0306_060307_sunspots.html

Geomagnetic storm effects
Intense solar flares release very-high-energy particles that can be as injurious to humans as the low-energy radiation from nuclear blasts. Earth's atmosphere and magnetosphere allow adequate protection for us on the ground, but astronauts in space are subject to potentially lethal dosages of radiation. The penetration of high-energy particles into living cells can cause chromosome damage, cancer, and a host of other health problems. Large doses can be fatal immediately. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geomagnetic_storm

When the poles flip, electromagnetic barrier between the earth and sun will collapse, allowing these damaging and lethal solar particles into our atmosphere, a direct fulfillment of Rev. 16:8.

Revelation 16:8-9 - And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him (the sun) to scorch men with fire. 9And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

The blasphemy will occur when men reject the fact these calamities are a fulfillment of bible prophecy and curse any such God which would allow these types of calamities to occur. Therefore they will not accept the validity of bible prophecy, nor the accuracy of scripture.

In summary, it is my understanding that it is quite possibly the Nemesis, the death star, making its rotation, quite possibly known, quiet as it is kept, that will bring about wormwood, the great quakes, and flipping of our poles.

All such occurrences have been remote viewed and expected by certain elements within our government and our military, and ultimately prepared for if not planned for.

Update 1/13/07 Evidence mounts for sun's companion star