Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Riding the Cusp of Catastrophe


Sinkhole in SE Portland
03:56 PM PST on Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A city truck got stuck in a sinkhole in southeast Portland Tuesday, authorities said.

The accident happened on the corner of Southeast 16th Avenue and Oak Street, not far from Buckman Middle School.

A resident in a nearby apartment complex reported a loss of water pressure in the building Tuesday morning. City maintenance crews checking on backed up sewer lines were about to leave the area when a portion of the road caved in, swallowing about half the truck, which fell nose first.

Two city workers in the vehicle were hospitalized but did not appear to be seriously injured, officials said.

The sink hole is about 10 feet deep and about 15 feet wide. When the truck fell into the hole, it severed a gas and water line. Officials shut off gas in the area and crews were working to repair both lines.

No buildings were evacuated. (End of Article)

I've been predicting that we are going to see more sinkhole episodes as we see more heavier rainfall. Over the past couple of years we have seen an escalation of such events in the news. I believe it was earlier this year a man died in his home when his house fell into a sinkhole that developed below. It was just unbelievable.

We also saw alot of havoc wreaked in New York nearly a year ago as landslides toppled over onto major highways stopping the evening commute. Not to mention the year before when an entire community seemed to be sinking as houses toppled and a hillside collapsed killing over a dozen people.

What I am predicting in addition to more sinkhole activity is a massive seperation in the areas of our continent now being immersed in water in the coming massive quakes. I have noticed this year that the northwest and northeast have received record amounts of moisture as well as in the south. I can literally see the earth shifting and breaking apart in these areas after having been sufficiently drenched. I believe it this record moisture continues, this will only be inevidible when the big quakes come.

Right before I awoke yesterday morning, I heard the words, "we are riding on the cusp." I began to research this and found that it could mean so many things. But what was the most amazing to me is that my research led me right back into geophysics and the study of our magnetic field. It just so happens that NASA has a project called Polar Cusp.

It seems that I am continuously being led to research and understand the coming global quake and earth tilt/flip. The study of this region of the earth, the polar cusp, seems to be related to predicting earthquakes and the effects of solar flares and storms on the magnetics of our earth.

This is a live animation of two coronal mass ejections
that took place on 12 October 1999. One also took place
on the east solar limb which is not shown here. Coronal mass
ejections have the greatest effects on the Earth. (NASA photo) Source

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Will keep you posted on this.