Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ice Chunk Crashes thru Home


CBS 3) WOODLYN A Delaware County family narrowly avoided injury after a chunk of ice came crashing through their home Wednesday evening.

The incident happened shortly after 8:00 p.m. in the 1300 block of Donna Drive in Woodlyn.

Ed and Penny Myers said they were getting their 4-year-old daughter ready for bed when the icy object tore a 3-foot hole through the roof.

"There was this explosion in the room. At first I thought it was the T.V. shattering and glass, then I looked up and saw the hole in the ceiling and I was afraid the whole ceiling was going to collapse," said Penny.

Penny and her daughter were both hit by what they thought was glass, but they soon noticed icy debris on the ground. While there were no major injuries, Penny said she scraped her leg and her daughter Lindsay had a scrape on her stomach.

"A huge amount of ice shot to every corner of the room and it was just a complete disaster," said Ed Myers, adding, "It is just very unnerving to think that you were standing right next to that when it happened."

Myers added a plane will occasionally fly over their home, which is located a few miles from the end of a runway at the Philadelphia International Airport. The family believes the ice was either waste water or fell off of a plane’s landing gear.

On Thursday afternoon, officials from the FAA were at the home investigating the incident in hopes of determining the origin of the ice.

Ridley Township and Delaware County Council have been in an ongoing struggle with the FAA to kill a plan that would flare more takeoffs over Delaware County to alleviate congestion on the airport's runways.

"We are worried about debris coming off from the airlines, we worried about safety with the residents," said Delaware County Councilman Jack Whelan.

"We believe it would affect over 400,000 residents in Delaware County," said Whelan.

In the meantime, the FAA in continuing its investigation into the incident and attempting to determine where the ice came from.

Falling Ice Perplex Scientist


Are falling ice balls a product of global warming?

By Michael Woods, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

BARCELONA, Spain -- A Spanish-American scientific team will be scanning the United States this winter for what might be one of the weirdest byproducts of global warming: great balls of ice that fall from the sky.

The baffling phenomenon was first detected in Spain three years ago and has since been reported in a number of other countries, including the United States. So scientists now plan to monitor in a systematic way what they call "megacryometeors" -- or great balls of ice that fall from the sky.

"I'm not worried that a block of ice may fall on your head," said Dr. Jesus Martinez-Frias of the Center for Astrobiology in Madrid. "I'm worried that great blocks of ice are forming where they shouldn't exist."

Ice balls, which generally weigh 25 to 35 pounds but can be much bigger, have punched holes in the roofs of houses, smashed through car windshields, and whizzed right past people's heads.

Incidents like those may be just the beginning, according to Dr. David Travis, who chairs the department of geography and geology at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

"If megacryometeor formation is linked to global warming, as we suspect, then it is fair to assume that these events may increase in the future," Travis said.

Martinez-Frias pioneered research on megacryometeors in January 2000, after ice chunks weighing up to 6.6 pounds rained on Spain for 10 days.

At first, scientists thought the phenomenon was unique to Spain. During the past three years, however, they've accumulated strong evidence that megacryometeors are falling all around the globe.

More than 50 falls have been confirmed, and researchers believe that's a small fraction of the actual number, since others may hit unoccupied areas or melt before discovery.

Travis said most megacrymeteor falls occur in January, February and March.

Researchers were able to analyze ice samples from the 2000 incidents, thanks to witnesses who kept the material cold. Martinez's team quickly ruled out obvious explanations.

The ice balls, for instance, were not frozen water from toilets flushed on jetliners. The ice contained no human waste and none of the blue disinfectant used in airplane toilets. Air traffic control records showed that no planes flew over the areas near the ice falls, so the ice had not been shed from aircraft wings.

Chunks of debris from a comet? Again, lab tests showed that ice in megacryometeors had the distinctive chemical signature of ice in ordinary terrestrial hailstones.

Hail forms in the updrafts and downdrafts of thunderstorms. The updrafts carry droplets of super-cooled water, which freeze. More droplets hit the frozen particles as winds toss them around. The water freezes instantly and the hailstone grows, layer by layer.

Most hailstones weigh a fraction of an ounce, with 27 ounces the U. S. record.

Megacryometeors show the telltale onionskin layering seen in hailstones. They also contain dust particles and air pockets found in hail. But they are formed in cloudless skies, a notion that defies research on hail formation.

"Scientists are naturally reluctant to say something never can happen," said Charles Knight, a hail expert at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. "But oh, dear. I would be tempted to say 'never' on this."

Knight has reviewed scientific papers on megacryometeors, and thinks the explanation that cites unusual atmospheric conditions possibly linked to global warming, is probably wrong, although he doesn't have a better one.

Global warming involves higher temperatures on Earth's surface, but creates colder conditions in the stratosphere, the uppermost layer of the atmosphere, according to Travis.

He has linked megacryometeor events to unusual conditions in the "tropopause," the boundary between the troposphere (the lower atmosphere) and the stratosphere. Located 5 to 9 miles above the surface, the tropopause marks the limit of clouds and is important in the development of storms.

Global warming may be making the tropopause colder, moister and more turbulent, Travis said, creating conditions in which ice crystals grow like ordinary hailstones in thunderclouds.


Its been my theory that the warming of our oceans has been the result of underwater volcanic activity, after researching the topic I found an interesting site supporting the idea. Check out: Ice Age Now

Its based on the premise that the science portrayed in the movie the Day After Tomorrow is real, which I have also proven through governmental research documents. Very interesting indeed.

Monday, January 15, 2007

UFO Over Chicago O'Hare Airport

Well here it is again! Each year we get closer and closer to full disclosure of extraterrestrial life. It is my firm belief that although many of these UFOs which I have seen in vision, are top secret military anti-gravity flying machines, many of them are much more. See: The Truth About UFOs. Nevertheless, whatever the case may be, you are beginning to see the media more and more cover this story. Keep your eyes on this subject. Watch as well as pray. Beware of lying signs and wonders in Jesus name.



Podcast on Alien Encounter

Alien Encounter from a Professional Prospective - "They hijacked my freewill...and that's not nice." They are Coming and They are not Nice

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Doomsday Clock Moves Forward

Scientists prepare to move Doomsday Clock forward
Fri Jan 12, 2007 3:21pm ET
Source: Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The keepers of the "Doomsday Clock" plan to move its hands forward next Wednesday to reflect what they call worsening nuclear and climate threats to the world.

The symbolic clock, maintained by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, currently is set at seven minutes to midnight, with midnight marking global catastrophe.

The group did not say in which direction the hands would move. But in a news release previewing an event next Wednesday, they said the change was based on "worsening nuclear, climate threats" to the world.

"The major new step reflects growing concerns about a 'Second Nuclear Age' marked by grave threats, including: nuclear ambitions in Iran and North Korea, unsecured nuclear materials in Russia and elsewhere, the continuing 'launch-ready' status of 2,000 of the 25,000 nuclear weapons held by the U.S. and Russia, escalating terrorism, and new pressure from climate change for expanded civilian nuclear power that could increase proliferation risks," the release reads.

The clock was last pushed forward by two minutes to seven minutes to midnight in 2002 amid concerns about the proliferation of nuclear, biological and other weapons and the threat of terrorism.

When it was created by the magazine's staff in 1947, it was initially set at seven minutes to midnight and has moved 17 times since then.

It was as close as two minutes to midnight in 1953 following U.S. and Soviet hydrogen bomb tests, and as far away as 17 minutes to midnight in 1991 after the superpowers reached agreement on a nuclear arms reductions.

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Sunday, January 7, 2007

She Saw the West Coast Drop in the Sea

Brother David Ells has a powerful website: where you can receive sound teaching on the endtimes. Although we may differ on particular views, I have found his site to be an encouragement with every visit. You can visit his site to check out the revelations he’s received about 2008.

I was recently forwarded material from one of his recent broadcasts where Sister Doris shares her dream of a visiting angel and dire predictions for the future of America.

In her statement she says, “he showed me the map of the United States, and he showed me parts of the map that were pretty much gone. The east coast, the west coast and the southern coast completely gone!” “The west coast dropped into the sea!”

To listen to complete audio click here: Sister Doris’ Testimony

Friday, January 5, 2007

2007 God's Hand Removed

I believe we all expected to see more hurricanes and perhaps war on U.S. soil in 2006, even perhaps a major meteor strike, but God has been merciful to the United States and spared us these horrors. However 2006 did see its share of record breaking heatwaves and record breaking storms here in the U.S. The rest of the world appeared as if the wrath of God rested upon it with Typhoons and massive quakes in Asia, war in the middle east and tremendous storms and floods in Europe and Australia.

What will 2007 have to offer. A recent U.S. poll showed that many American's expect the return of Christ or the revelation of extraterrestrial life. The saints of God are predicting the worst is yet to come. Pat Robertson recently predicted that millions would die in the Fall of 2007 due to terrorist strikes here at home.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia — Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson predicted Tuesday a horrific terrorist act on the United States that will result in "mass killing" late in 2007. Complete Article

We have received definite confirmations that there will be massive death in the United States due to war bringing about Martial Law. Whether or not this will take place in 2007 is yet to be revealed. But the confirmations keep on coming.

The following comments were recently received in response to Pat Robertson's comments on 2007. These views are presented here in hopes that it would encourage all to walk more sober mindedly to watch and pray and to make sure your anchor grips and holds the solid rock which is Christ Jesus. Much love.

From the Diary of D.M.Harrington

Read this, pray about it and forward it if you'd like. I scanned a copy of a page from my diary that I worte on 01-01-07 and today 01-03-07 the Fox news channel announced that Pat Robertson gave a prediction of what God told him was going to happen in 2007. I pray that we're both wrong, but somehow I don't think that we are and I don't believe this is just a coincidence either. I pray for your safety and the safety of your loved ones in the year to come. God Bless. D.M.

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Thursday, January 4, 2007


New York Cheers Subway Rescuer
Commuter Saves Man From Oncoming Train
By Rick Hampson
USA Today

NEW YORK (Jan. 4) - A day after he jumped into the path of a subway train to save the life of a stranger, Wesley Autrey got a $5,000 reward, a day off and universal acclaim in a city where you supposedly don't speak to people you don't know, let alone rescue them. "I just tried to do the right thing," said the 50-year-old Harlem construction worker.

"It ain't about being a hero, it was just being there and helping the next person. That's all I did."

On Tuesday afternoon Autrey leaped down from a subway station platform after Cameron Hollopeter, 20, apparently suffered a seizure and fell between the tracks.

Autrey had to leave his two daughters, ages 4 and 6, on the platform. It was that, he said, or have the girls see a man run over by a subway train.

Down on the tracks, Autrey saw a train's headlights in the tunnel. He shoved the disoriented student into the only space where they had a chance to survive — the shallow, grimy drainage trough between the tracks.

The train passed over them, with about 2 inches' clearance. Autrey later showed reporters grease stains on his wool hat that he said came from the train's undercarriage.

On Wednesday Autrey got the day off from work at a Brooklyn construction site and visited the New York Film Academy, where Hollopeter is a student.

"We don't have a red carpet, but we gave him a red carpet reception," said Anita Tovich, one of Hollopeter's professors. Jerry Sherlock, director of the school, presented Autrey with a check for $5,000.

The school also promised Autrey's daughters scholarships to the school when they're older.

"Here and all over the world, people are struck by this unselfish, heroic act," Sherlock said. "With so much evil in the world, it gives everyone hope."

"You're one in a million," he told Autrey, "and this is your 15 minutes of fame."

The city's tabloids celebrated Autrey. "SUBWAY ANGEL'S DAREDEVIL LEAP" headlined the New York Post. The Daily News hailed the "SUBWAY SUPERMAN." Autrey is scheduled to be on network news programs this morning and CBS' Late Show with David Letterman tonight.

Autrey gave this account: He was in the station in upper Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon when Hollopeter, also waiting on the platform, seemed to collapse during a seizure. Autrey used a pen to get Hollopeter's tongue out of his throat. Hollopeter stood up, then staggered and fell between the tracks.

As the train neared, Autrey pinned Hollopeter in the trough by lying on top of him, face to face. But the student kept struggling. "Don't move!" Autrey said. "Or one of us is going to lose a leg."

Subway car brakes screeched. One car passed overhead, then a second. Then came silence, followed by the wailing from the platform of his daughters, who'd just seen their father run over.

"We're OK," Autrey yelled to bystanders on the platform. "I got two daughters up there. Let 'em know their father's OK!"

"Who are you?" asked Hollopeter.

"Someone who saved your life," replied Autrey.

They waited 20 minutes until technicians turned off power on the subway's high-voltage third rail and were helped out.

Hollopeter remained hospitalized Wednesday in stable condition, recovering from cuts and bruises.

A relative, Jeff Friedman, told reporters that although Hollopeter is quite talented, "even he couldn't write the screenplay any better."

Contributing: The Associated Press


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

South Park & 911 Conspiracy

I thought hard before deciding to post this link. After careful consideration I chose to share it. Not because of its humor, because it really isn't funny. But more because of its cultural implications and what it says about the different ways the 911 projects are seeking to get blackout info in the media. It is definitely worth checking out. God bless!