Friday, January 5, 2007

2007 God's Hand Removed

I believe we all expected to see more hurricanes and perhaps war on U.S. soil in 2006, even perhaps a major meteor strike, but God has been merciful to the United States and spared us these horrors. However 2006 did see its share of record breaking heatwaves and record breaking storms here in the U.S. The rest of the world appeared as if the wrath of God rested upon it with Typhoons and massive quakes in Asia, war in the middle east and tremendous storms and floods in Europe and Australia.

What will 2007 have to offer. A recent U.S. poll showed that many American's expect the return of Christ or the revelation of extraterrestrial life. The saints of God are predicting the worst is yet to come. Pat Robertson recently predicted that millions would die in the Fall of 2007 due to terrorist strikes here at home.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia — Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson predicted Tuesday a horrific terrorist act on the United States that will result in "mass killing" late in 2007. Complete Article

We have received definite confirmations that there will be massive death in the United States due to war bringing about Martial Law. Whether or not this will take place in 2007 is yet to be revealed. But the confirmations keep on coming.

The following comments were recently received in response to Pat Robertson's comments on 2007. These views are presented here in hopes that it would encourage all to walk more sober mindedly to watch and pray and to make sure your anchor grips and holds the solid rock which is Christ Jesus. Much love.

From the Diary of D.M.Harrington

Read this, pray about it and forward it if you'd like. I scanned a copy of a page from my diary that I worte on 01-01-07 and today 01-03-07 the Fox news channel announced that Pat Robertson gave a prediction of what God told him was going to happen in 2007. I pray that we're both wrong, but somehow I don't think that we are and I don't believe this is just a coincidence either. I pray for your safety and the safety of your loved ones in the year to come. God Bless. D.M.

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