Friday, February 2, 2007

O'Hare Airport UFO

Source: Earthfiles

After seeing an eye witness' graphic of the UFO they saw at O'Hare International Airport this year, it reminded me of the dream I had of the Blue Orb UFO.

Vision of the Blue Orb

I dreamed that Brandon and I were camping and we were looking out of our tent at the sky. Brandon said look, and he pointed at the sky. There was a bright neon blue light that was moving very quickly across the sky. It was somewhat transparent and it looked like the moon except it was blue. As it moved closer to the trees it transformed into vehicle appearance similar to what a flying saucer or space ship might look like. It still looked like it was made out of neon blue light.

As it dissapeared behind the trees, suddenly a helicopter flew right near it and hovered over the trees. The helicopter had USA on the side of it along with some other words. Suddenly we looked ahead of us and we saw an alien lurched on top of a car. He was in a catlike position as if he was about to pounce. There was an officer standing in front of him with a flashlight. The alien looked exactly like the ones many claim to have seen. Skinny, large head and big black eyes. Brandon and I began to rebuke the devil and take the authority of Jesus. Then we put on sneakers and prepared to run. End of dream.